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    Marx was certainly influenced by Hegel his whole life. But I doubt in his mature years he would have liked to be called a ‘Hegelian’. It was an influence he adapted rather than blindly imitated. The Hegelian Marxism stuff is a step backwards, not forwards.

    Though remember, in one of the prefaces to Capital he famously says (speaking of Hegel) “I therefore openly avowed myself the pupil of that mighty thinker, and even here and there, in the chapter on the theory of value, coquetted with the modes of expression peculiar to him.”


    Marx was also influenced by Feuerbach, but he also moved away from vulgar materialism. I do not think he unified materialism and idealism, and he was not the most materialist of the idealist philosopher and the most idealist of the materialist philosopher either.

    Marx ethnological notebooks have been placed on the side, but he was deeply involved in the study of Anthropology, Paleontology and ancient society.

    The Bolivarians have indicated that he was not acquainted in the issue of Colonialism and that is the reason why he did not understand Simon Bolivar and his national liberation movement which is totally false, he had a deep knowledge about Colonialism totally different to the wrong conceptions of Vladimir Lenin

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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