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    Bijou Drains

    For those who haven't read it, I thorougly recommend Alan's article.I have quite a bit of experience of professional involvement with Premiership football clubs and their academies and whilst the "big" clubs at the top of the pyramid do, in my experience operate very ethically with regard to who they sign, how they support them, which agents they deal with, etc. (would it be sceptical of me to think that this was possibly more to do with the financial implications of something going wrong?) the clubs playing below that level are less worried about how they operate.The thing that has always struck me is that despite the financial pressures, care, compassion and respect always emerges. Not from the upper echelons of the football club, but from those who support the youngsters who come into the clubs. The archetypal tea ladies who really care about the kids, coaches who at youth level aren't paid a great deal who will go the extra mile to help a youth footballer, support staff who seem to take get genuine joy from making sure clean strips are available. And quite often the youngsters are as much a part of this as the adults.I was working with a woman who was providing accommodation and care to two young 15 year old lads who were living away from home when the woman was diagnosed with cancer. The lads were told about this and about the alternative digs that had been arranged, but they refused to go, they supported the woman through her chemo, made her meals, did the housework, etc. To me the message that always comes through is that despite the conditions that capitalism throws down, the basic human instincts to cooperate with each other, to care about each other, to enjoy the success of each other cannot be suppressed, even in the most extreme manifestation of capitalism



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    i recall reading an article about how Scottish teams don't lose money (or, at least, not very much money). Their income is not from gate receipts or sponsorship but simply by transfers – bringing on players and selling them on. It is indeed a flesh market industry.I have also read articles on how many just don't make it because of injury and they are simply discarded with very little industrial accident compensation. Our blog very recently highlighted the dementia risk of playershttps://socialismoryourmoneyback.blogspot.com/2018/05/dementia-risk-and-football.htmlAnd it has been in the news with Liverpool's goal-keeper suffering from a concussion.https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44363648



    Oh, i remembered a related blog-post on the disregard for footballers health and safetyhttps://socialismoryourmoneyback.blogspot.com/2012/06/doped-up-for-game.html


    alanjjohnstone wrote:
    Oh, i remembered a related blog-post on the disregard for footballers health and safetyhttps://socialismoryourmoneyback.blogspot.com/2012/06/doped-up-for-game.html




    Dr Bennet Omalu investigated and did medical research on the diseases that were killing the Football players, and the brain damages that it was/continues producing on them, In the history of Medicine and Pathology the first enemy of Medicine has been the same doctors, like in the case of Pasteur, the same things took place with Dr Omalu, his own colleague said that he was a quack doctor due to the fact that he was from Africa, but he did not know that he was exposing a large business which produces enormous amount of money for the owners of the teams.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bennet_Omalu.There is a movie named: Concussions describing his life, his research, and the problem that he faces as a Pathologist, and when he performed Autopsy ( Necropsy )  on several football players The disease also affects the young child who starts to practice and play Football in High Schools and the Universities. Most parents are not aware of this situation, and many just want their children to be famous and earn money when they grow up, but many of them commit suicide when they become older peopleshttp://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20245394/dr-bennet-omalu-says-obsession-cte-obscuring-larger-truth-brain-health-football-players.s, most teams have scouts in the Caribbean islands to select, train and pick up young peoples to become baseball players, baseball is also a business that produces a large number of profits. The best solution for those young kids to get out from the Ghettos is to become baseball player

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