Can a Majority of Workers Develop Socialist Conciousness Under Capitalism?

July 15, 2010

Public debate recorded in Islington between the Socialist Party and the Communist Workers Organisation.

Debate – ‘Looking Forward’: The Way Ahead for Socialists

June 23, 2010

Recording of a debate held by Durham University Labour Club in 1983.

Speakers: Steve Coleman, (SPGB), and Simon Pottinger (‘Socialist Organiser’)

How Can a Real Revolution Be Achieved?

May 27, 2010

How Can a Real Revolution Be Achieved?
Debate between Dick Donnelly, SPGB, and Albert Meltzer, ‘Black Flag’ (anarchist)
Duke of York, Islington, London

Note – the original tape for this recording was badly chewed at one part, and this has meant a loss of approximately one minute on each side of the tape.
Part One Dick Donnelly, SPGB

Part Two Albert Meltzer, ‘Black Flag’ 

Part Three Conclusion