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Alienation pt.1 (30 mins)
pt.2 (59 mins)
Mike Foster, 10th December 2021

Socialists and the Unions
pt.1 (27 mins)

pt.2 (64 mins)
Adam Buick, 3rd December 2021

Reading Capital as Crisis Theory pt.1 (32 mins)
pt.2 (71 mins)
Mike Schauerte, 28th November, 2021

Discussion on The Failure of Capitalist Production (48 mins)
(This brief discussion followed a playing of part of guest speaker Andrew Kliman’s 2015 talk on ‘The Failure of Capitalist Production’)
Adam Buick, 31st October 2021

Is socialism becoming fashionable pt.1 (30 mins)
pt.2 (59 mins)
Paddy Shannon, 22nd October 2021

Who will pay for social care pt.1 (22 mins)
pt.2 (93 mins)
Adam Buick, 8th October 2021

State capitalism in China pt.1 (39 mins)
pt.2 (54 mins)
Andy Thomas, 26th September 2021

Patch Adams the ‘Funny Doctor’ pt.1 (9 mins)
pt.2 (59 mins)
Joy Baszucki, 27th August 2021

Free access and sustainable socialism pt.1 (40 mins)
pt.2 (67 mins)
Alan Johnstone, 22nd August 2021

Anthropocentrism pt.1 (37 mins)
pt.2 (84 mins)
Mark Z, 30th July 2021

The Tragedy of the Digital Commons pt.1 (28 mins)
pt.2 (51 mins)
Tristan Miller, 23rd July 2021

The Highland Clearances pt.1 (46 mins)
pt.2 (47 mins)
Alwyn Edgar, 16th July 2021

Poverty pt.1 (21 mins)
pt.2 (71 mins)
Paul Bennett, 9th July 2021

Is the environment now a better argument than class pt.1 (19 mins)
pt.2 (83 mins)
Paddy Shannon, 2nd July 2021

Post-pandemic future Party activity pt.1 (22 mins)
pt.2 (77 mins)
Fredi Edwards, 25th June 2021

Has the era of social revolution arrived pt.1 (53 mins)
pt.2 (91 mins)
Discussion following a video presentation by Mike Schauerte, 18th and 20th June 2021

Coronavirus and vaccination in India pt.1 (29 mins)
pt.2 (65 mins)
Abhishek Chowdhury, 4th June 2021

 CCA 2.0 Stephen MichalowiczDouble bill on Authority pt.1 (34 mins)
Double bill on Authority pt.2 (15 mins)
Double bill on Authority pt.3 (41 mins)
Tim Hart and Carla Dee, 31st May 2021

What is social progress pt.1 (20 mins)
What is social progress pt.2 (65 mins)
Pat Deutz, 21st May 2021

Daily life in socialism (19 mins)
Paul Bennett, 14th May 2021

Identity politics – the new communalism (20 mins)
Adam Buick, 13th May 2021. Hosted by the Oxford Communist Corresponding Society.

Is class consciousness a thing of the past? pt.1 (21 mins)
pt.2 (63 mins)
Anton Pruden, 7th May 2021

May Day pt.1 (30 mins)
May Day pt.2 (64 mins)
Bill Martin, Howard Moss, 30th April 2021

The Climate and Biodiversity Crisis pt.1 (48 mins)
The Climate and Biodiversity Crisis pt.2 (67 mins)
Glenn Morris, 23rd April 2021

Dangerous Women – Eleanor Marx pt.1 (15 mins)
Dangerous Women – Eleanor Marx pt.2 (75 mins)
Adam Buick, 16th April 2021

Unwrapping Democracy pt.1 (11 mins)
Unwrapping Democracy pt.2 (83 mins)
Leon Rozanov, 9th April 2021

Open Mic Night – A Syndicalist View (82 mins)
Tony, 2nd April 2021

Industrial Revolutions pt.1 (39 mins)
pt.2 (68 mins)
Andy Thomas, 26th March 2021

What is post-scarcity (60 mins)
(This is a discussion based on Peter Joseph’s podcast on ‘post-scarcity’. Due to technical problems the podcast recording failed, and the start of the discussion wasn’t recorded. The original podcast can be found here)
Introduced by Adam Buick, 19th March 2021

Technocracy – Swerving A Revolution Unless We Get There First pt.1 (17 mins)
pt.2 (66 mins)
Carla Dee, 12th March 2021

Fame and Fortune pt.1 (30 mins)
pt.2 (64 mins)
Mike Foster, 5th March 2021

Unlikely Centenary – 100 years of Northern Ireland pt.1 (24 mins)
pt.2 (80 mins)
Kevin Cronin, 26th February 2021

The Minimum-Maximum Muddle pt.1 (42 mins)
pt.2 (68 mins)
Mark Znidericz, 19th February 2021
(There was a brief loss of connection after about 30 mins before the talk resumed)

What is the incentive to work in a socialist society? pt.1 (88 mins)
pt.2 (40 mins)
Robin Cox, 12th February 2021.
(Unfortunately, due to technical problems the sound quality for the main speaker is very poor in parts, especially at the start)

Murray Bookchin and social ecology pt.1 (50 mins)
pt.2 (56 mins)
Speaker: Nick Sampays
Date: February 5th, 2021.
(This includes audio from a YouTube video ‘Social Ecology, Human Nature and Hierarchy’ from YouTuber ‘Mad Blender’)

Should Animal Rights be part of the socialist case pt.1 (60 mins)
pt.2 (58 mins)
Howard Moss, January 29th, 2021

21st century farming – the future of food tech pt.1 (52 mins)
pt.2 (43 mins)
Paddy Shannon, 22nd January 2021

Socialism, Free Speech and Cancel Culture pt.1 (23 mins)
pt.2 (70 mins)
Stephen Harper, 20th January 2021

The New Normal pt.1 (48 mins)
pt.2 (51 mins)
John Cumming, 15th January 2021

Housing in New Zealand
Meeting held online via Discord – Moggie Grayson, 8th January 2021.
(Unfortunately due to technical problems the discussion was not recorded)