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All Socialist Party meetings/talks/discussions are currently online on Discord. Please contact spgb.discord@worldsocialism.org for instructions on how to join.

Friday 4 June 19.30 (GMT + 1)

Coronavirus and vaccination in India

Speaker: Abhishek Chowdhury (WSP India)
What has been happening in India? Have Socialists a position on whether or not workers should get vaccinated?

Friday 11 June 19.30 (GMT + 1)

The social nature of musical taste

Speaker: Wez
Deconstructing the idea that musical taste (or any art form) is purely subjective..

Friday 18 June 19.30 (GMT + 1)

Capitalism, Contradictions and Crisis Capitalism, Contradictions and Crisis

Speaker: Mike Schauerte (WSPUS) (recording)
For the past 200 years capitalism has been prey to periodic crises. Marx thought that a crisis was an eruption (and temporarily resolution) of the fundamental contradictions of capitalism. What are these contradictions and how do they drive capitalism (and productive power) forward? And what does all this have to do with the state of the capitalist world in 2021 and the way we make the case for socialism?

Sunday 20 June 11.00am (GMT + 1)

Capitalism, Contradictions and Crisis (reprise)

Opportunity for further discussion of Friday’s talk with Mike Schauerte live from Japan

Friday 25 June 19.30 (GMT + 1)

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point however is to change it”

Speaker: Fredi Edwards
Discord has been a lifeline for party members during the protracted national lockdown. Diverse subjects ranging from the environment to a music quiz night, from animal rights to what life could be like within socialism have been discussed/debated. These and other subjects have undoubtedly been vastly informative, entertaining and on occasions amusing with some funny anecdotes. Now with the lockdown substantially eased is it not time to examine what else can and should be done to propagate the Party case?

Cardiff Street Stall, 1-3pm
Capitol Shopping Centre
Queen Street (Newport Road end)
Weather permitting

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