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Wednesday 6 January, 19.30
General affairs discussion.
Did you see the news?

Friday 8 January, 19.30
Friday night talk
Unaffordable and Unsustainable Housing in New Zealand
Speaker: Moggie Grayson (WSPNZ).
Description of NZ houses, state housing, design faults, cutting corners, sustainable housing project, basic wage, poverty, Glasgow pre-WW1, extended family, thinking outside the square.

Wednesday 13 January, 19.30
The FAQ Workshop, 7.30pm
The Party Speaker’s Test Part 3. Looking at the last third of the questions.

Friday 15 January, 19.30
Friday night talk
The New Normal
Speaker: John Cumming
Along with the present crisis arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, another spectre is haunting the world: it is called The New Normal. This phrase, whatever it might mean, has now entered common usage. A few months ago, a radio programme asked: “how has the coronavirus pandemic created an opportunity to reshape our world?” Well, has it? Will it? Or is this phrase destined to become just another irritating buzzword in our masters’ lexicon of stupid phrases? What do you think? And, whose world is it anyway?

Wednesday 20 January, 19.30
A talk on Wednesday too this week
Socialism, Free Speech and ‘Cancel Culture’
Speaker: Stephen Harper.
For many on the right, free speech really means freedom of speech for me and for the people who agree with me. Some of those on the left of politics are also eager to no-platform or ‘cancel’ their real or supposed ideological opponents. A look at this dangerous trend.

Friday 22 January, 19.30
Second talk this week
21st Century Farming – the future of food tech
Speaker: Paddy Shannon.
A modern tractor has more lines of computer code than the original space shuttle, drone swarms will monitor crop pests, micro-bots will electrocute individual weeds, and farmers will get daily health updates for each cow by mobile phone – an overview of how capitalism thinks it’s going to meet global food demands with big data and next-gen tech. But is it?

Wednesday 27 January, 19.30
The FAQ Workshop, 7.30pm
The American Dream
Why are poor workers so angrily insistent that capitalism is a world of opportunity?

Friday 29, 19.30 January
Friday night talk.
Should Animal Rights be part of the socialist case?
Speaker: Howard Moss.

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