Don’t Read This Unless You Believe That Our World is in Need of Urgent Change

Imagine this:

·       A world without buying and selling.

·       A world without classes.

·       A world without borders.

·       A world without money.

·       A world where  ‘real’  democracy and mutual cooperation can flourish and grow.

These are the cornerstones of ‘real’ socialism.  Obviously, that doesn’t describe the pseudo-socialism of Corbyn, Sanders, Chavez, et al.  Or, to the disingenuous activities of the hotchpotch of  Trotskyist/Leninist groups who also masquerade as socialists. If you want to escape from dead-end politics then you will need to think outside of the miasma of capitalist thought and consider what the World Socialist Movement proposes.

You will have to overcome a psychological barrier.  A barrier constructed over many decades that has taught you that any change from the market system is not possible. Well, it is. Ours is a battle of Ideas. Once our ideas take root they will become unstoppable. All it takes is that the campaign for ‘real’ socialism generates enough momentum for us to begin to organise for the change that will become inevitable once a majority of people demand it.

So what is the World Socialist Movement?  It is the umbrella organisation of a number of Socialist Parties throughout the world dedicated to establishing ‘real’ socialism.  The Socialist Party of Great Britain [SPGB] is one of those parties. The SPGB held its inaugural meeting in June 1904. Uniquely, the founding members drew up a historical document that formed the basis of our movement—then and now.  ‘The Declaration of Principles’ unequivocally describes what we stand for. We have no leaders—only sheep need leaders. All decisions are arrived at democratically by the whole membership. Transparency is inbuilt.

It’s not just socialists that are repulsed by the hypocrisy, lies and self-seeking of capitalism’s elite. Poverty, hunger, wars and environmental destruction are intrinsic to the market system. As is the extreme wealth of the few at the expense of the many. Reforms, charity, and appeals to the gods have not, and cannot change its fundamental base. Sticking plasters don’t work. Only major surgery will. The World Socialist Movement exists to complete one task. And that is to abolish capitalism through democratic means. 

Human beings are unique. We can imagine something and make it a reality.  Socialism proposes a world for all and not just for the few. Where the present, and future generations, can live in peaceful, mutual cooperation. But, we need help to achieve it.

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