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Red Snapper: Sound bites and unsound nibbles

I don’t think we should be battering this subject to death.”

Martin McGuinness to John Humphries, on IRA members who murdered Robert McCartnery by, er,
battering him to death. BBC R4, March 9, 8.00am.

It will be scrapped. I am determined to ensure that the rights of those who play by the rules are respected.
Michael Howard on the Human Rights Act, The Guardian, March 19.

People who have been arrested say they’ve been brutalised – the tactics used are beyond belief.
Dr Rafiullah Bidar, regional director of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, on the
treatment of detainess by the US in Afghanistan. Guardian, March 19.

 Afghanistan is being transformed into an enormous US jail.
Nader Nadery, of the Human Rights Commission. Guardian, March 19.

 One might have expected a little humility from the Bush administration after its destruction and occupation of Iraq.
Lindsey German, convenor of March 19th’s anti-war protest in London.Independent, March 19.

I’ve not seen anything like this since the Julius Streicher Nazi campaign against Jews.
Mike Jempson, Mediawise, on The Sun’s recent campaign against Travellers. bbc.co.uk, March 11.
 War on gipsy free-for-all”. The Sun, March 9

The man who gave us the dodgy dossier is now giving us The Big Lie…. The man is rattled.
Liam Fox, co-chairman of the Tory party, Independent, March 19

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