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50 Years Ago: The General Election

Capitalist politicians of all shades have been telling you for generations how their “practical” policies will solve your problems. You know whether they are solved or not. They will go on soliciting your votes at election after election with further “practical” policies.

They will make you think that you are a most important person for a week or two before election day and promptly move the troops in on your job the day after if you strike for a little “practical” increase in your pay.

That goes for Labour and Conservative, not to mention Liberal and Communist. The fact is that their policies are most un-practical as far as solving your problems is concerned. Time has shown that. The only practical solution is in the abolition of Capitalism and the establishment of Socialism.

To that end we say, Do not vote for capitalist parties on October 25th but work with us for the overthrow of this system and the building of a new one that will be in keeping with our interests.

As there is no socialist candidate in the field, abstain from voting. If you fear that your voting paper may be mis-used or if you want to give some expression to your zeal for Socialism, go to the poll and write “Socialism” across your ballot paper. It will at least indicate to our opponents that there is a rising tide of revolutionary feeling which will in time sweep away their rotten system with all its parasites and hangers-on. What have you to lose? Go to it.

(From lead article by W. Waters, Socialist Standard, October 1951)

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