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50 Years Ago: The Weakness of the Trotskyists

Due to the Trotskyist belief in “revolutionary situations,” no explanations of the nature of Socialism will be found in the columns of the Socialist Appeal. As the revolution will take place at any moment, there is no need for this painstaking work. The line of their propaganda is rather like the instructions of a general staff to its army — “Second Front — and the tasks of the working class.” “Workers must fight for equal pay.” etc.


In spite of their claims to be revolutionary, their official policy contains the usual reformist nonsense, such as the “Nationalisation of the land, mines, banks, transport and all big industry.” “A rising scale of wages to meet increased cost of living,” “Confiscation of war profits.” etc.


The Trotskyist attitude to the war is vague and ill-defined. Whilst denouncing the war as imperialist, they want the “unconditional defence of the Soviet Union against all imperialist powers, despatch of arms, food and essential materials to the Soviet Union.”


The Trotskyist claim to be revolutionary is ill-founded. Once again we insist that the S.P.G.B. method is the only revolutionary one, and we will continue to do what the Trotskyists do not do — advocate Socialism as the only cure for social ills.


(From an article by G. Ewbank in the Socialist Standard, October 1944)