The Descent of Man

Two items of news appeared in the press this week that are worthy of note, if only to show you, the workers, how much the capitalist class and their flunkeys value your miserable lives.

Under the caption “N-Bomb for People” (Herald 7.6.77) we learn that the Americans are about to begin production of a nuclear warhead that can kill people without destroying property.

The new warhead cuts down on blast and heat and this total destruction leaving buildings and tanks standing. But the great quantities of neutrons it releases kill people.

Not much doubt here where capitalism’s priorities lay—People or Property. You, the people, are expendable, your lives not worth consideration when it comes to war. You can die in the most horrific way that these diabolical weapon-producers can dream up but save the property, that costs money!

The second item, published in the Auckland Star (13.6.77) under the heading “Monkey’s perish to Produce Death Ray”, reads almost like a horror story, the author of which, if in fiction, would have to have the imagination of a sadistic monster. But this is not fiction, but cold hard fact. Even if the reader was not an animal lover he would still feel disgusted and ashamed that he is a member of the human race.

Highly trained monkeys are killed by high energy radiation and burns in experiments carried out by the United States Navy. These deaths were quoted as “appallingly painful”.

And what are these dreadful experiments in aid of. Just to find out how long you can continue to be of use to the war machine after exposure. How long can you continue to drive a tank, fire a gun, or push buttons.

Their desire to get the last ounce of use from your body, even though it might be in the throes of an agonizing death, really shows what lengths these monsters will go to in order to perpetuate their system.

Monkeys today—you tomorrow.

(Reprinted from Socialist Viewpoint, New Zealand)

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