The Enemy on the Left! – ‘New Statesman’

A regular column dealing with the antics of those who call themselves socialist but in practice do nothing but harm to the cause

Last month this column dealt with Tribune but that other fraudulent socialist paper, the New Statesman is of course just as guilty of these attempts (often all too successful) to con the working class out of their votes. I well remember in the ’64 election, reading out at an SPGB meeting a leading article from that paper which actually went through the various issues and could not avoid showing that there was not a pin to choose even between the promises of Tory and Labour. But you should turn out the Tories because Wilson is such a good chap! You may find it difficult to credit that an “intellectual” paper could be so pathetic. And ironically, the same paper now tells its readers that Wilson pollutes the political atmosphere! It takes an “intellectual” rather a long time to spot a blinding glimpse of the obvious. But I wanted to deal with its attitude to democracy (which is an essential facet of Socialism). They recently ran an article on Kaunda’s one-party state in Zambia. Now it is clear to the meanest intelligence that a one-party state us just a euphemism for a dictatorial tyranny. For it means that anyone who wishes to oppose the government (or is even suspected of such ideas) finds himself not in Parliament, not even on the hustings, but in a gaol, or a concentration camp, or cemetery. This is true whether the one-party is white Nazis or black Kaunda-ists.

Just to underline this the Guardian reported some time ago that the “socialist” Kaunda had taken to ending his meetings with a ringing slogan: “One State! One Zambia!” Consciously or otherwise taking a leaf out of Hitler’s book, he might as well amend that to “Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Kaunda!” But the point here is that you might think that the NS article was a denunciation of dictatorship. What a hope! The writer was their “Africa expert”, the same John Hatch who used to defend in the same NS the régime of that even worse black Hitler, Nkrumah. The article was an apologia from beginning to end. And to hell with those who rot in tyrants’ gaols. These inverted racialists scream for “One Man, one vote” in South Africa or Rhodesia. Quite right, too. Why shouldn’t blacks have votes> But when Kaunda or Nyerere, these pseudo-socialist darlings of the lefties, effectively decree “All blacks, no votes!” (for what is a vote without a choice?), the lefties organise no demos, break no embassy windows (not that emotional outbursts of that nature are any use, of course). They really are inverted racialists who say that black subjects of leaders like Kaunda whom lefties have spent their lives arse-licking are not fit for votes.

L. E. Weidberg

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