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The King-Makers of King Street

Communists of an older generation took pride in being aggressively anti-religious and anti-Monarchist. Their more unprincipled successors think it smarter to let nothing stand in the way of the business of catching votes: hence the presence of non-party guinea-pigs on the Editorial Board of the Daily Worker, among them the Dean of Canterbury. If the old brigade like to stick to materialism and republicanism they may, but one must not neglect opportunities of gaining the support—and the donations—of the Christians and the monarchists. So while the Daily Worker scoffs at the doings of royalty and pleases some readers by giving only five lines to the christening of the baby Prince Charles, the Dean, speaking in New York has a different line:

    “It might very well be that Princess Elizabeth’s son will become king of a Communist England.

    “Eventually we will arrive at Communism.

    “It is possible for Communism to exist in England without doing away with the rule of the King.” (Reynolds News, 12/12/48.)

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