Party news:To You . . Our Thanks!

 During the past twelve months members and sympathisers of the Party have responded magnificently to numerous appeals for donations to the Parliamentary and General Funds. The income over this period will no doubt, prove to be a record.

The total donations to the Parliamentary Fund now amount to over £500, of which more than £200 has been donated this year. Donations to the General Fund have, during the past year, increased very substantially.

Nevertheless the fact remains that the Party requires an ever increasing income in order to meet the cost of its constantly expanding activities. For example, the expense of the pre-election propaganda in the Parliamentary constituency of East Ham North is a steady drain on the Parliamentary Fund, and this must be made good for the election campaign proper.

Therefore every member and sympathiser is urged to make a bigger effort than ever before in the task of bringing in the money. To those of you who write offering suggestions and criticisms, I will, as previously, do my best to act upon your advice, providing of course that you don’t suggest that I Stop asking for money.

I avail myself of this opportunity to express the Party’s thanks and appreciation of your efforts during 1938, and it is to be hoped that the income in 1939 will be even larger.

NOW is the time to get busy!

H. G. HOLT, (Party Funds Organiser).

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