1930s >> 1935 >> no-376-december-1935

To Sympathisers

We have often seen you round our meetings and we are left wondering why you do not take your courage in both hands and come and join our ranks.
We are, of course, mindful of the fact that on these occasions our attitude is necessarily impersonal, and we wish it were possible to have a personal chin wag with you all. This is not always practicable.
May we here, therefore, address that personal appeal to you, to make yourself known to our speakers and lecturers when next you attend any of our meetings? Our speakers would be only too pleased to have a chat with you about the work in which we are engaged, and a special invitation would be given to you to attend our indoor meetings and lectures. Here you would be welcomed and afforded the opportunity of becoming more closely acquainted with our tasks. This closer contact, we are confident, would lead to your wishing to join our organisation. Remember! at every meeting we hold our speakers are hopeful of making you desirous of joining and winning your support. Naturally, they seek this reward for their efforts. Do not deny them this, therefore, but rather show your appreciation by coming forward and let them know what are your doubts and difficulties.
Remember again! your education in Socialism will really commence when you become a member of our party.
Our speakers welcome every opportunity of convincing you how you can attain to such membership.
It is your duty to face this question with sincerity and determination. The ranks of the Socialist Party are open to all who possess the courage of their convictions to help forward working-class emancipation.
If you cannot attend our meetings, write to our General Secretary, who will be pleased to give you any information you seek, or deal with, any criticism which you may wish to make.
O. C. J.

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