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Party News: Educational Visits

     1st and 3rd Saturdays each month (3 p.m., sharp).

    Nov. 2nd             British Museum            – Gilmac
                              Real Relics

    Nov. 16th     S. Kensington             – Lestor
                           From Stone to Steel

Educational Visits continue to be well attended. Comrade Lestor attracted a big party to hear history about Westminster Abbey not given by vergers and official guides. Two hours passed quickly at South Kensington when some features of Evolution bearing on Socialism were objectively-illustrated. At the Victoria and Albert Museum, Comrade Devereux interested a big party (including many non-members of the S.P.) by her brilliant illumination of odd corners of the M.C.H. from such apparently intractable objects as wooden chairs and the Great Bed of Ware.

The Organiser will be grateful for comments, criticisms, etc., from those attending Visits.


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