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Our Sixpenny Stunt

Our “sixpenny stunt” is still in operation. All you have to do is to send a sixpenny postal order to the Literature Secretary, 42, Great Dover Street, together with the address of an interested sympathiser, and we will send him or her the SOCIALIST STANDARD for three consecutive months. A brief note will accompany the first month’s copy. At the expiration of the three months we shall write again, inviting the new reader to become a subscriber and to read our other published literature.

Some readers have gained the impression that the “sixpenny stunt” had been dropped owing to the fact that it is not announced in every issue of the SOCIALIST STANDARD. For reasons of space, however, it is not possible to reproduce the same notice every month. Readers will understand, however, that this method of arousing interest in new circles is still in force, and will continue to be carried out until further notice.

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