Answers to correspondents: Should the S.P.G.B. Join the Labour Party ?

A correspondent (J. T. R., Carlisle) asks why the S.P.G.B. does not join the Labour Party, and carry on its work for Socialism within that Party’s ranks. The answer, in brief, is that the Labour Party’s aim is not the same as ours. We are working for Socialism, a system of society in which the means of production and distribution will be commonly owned and democratically controlled. The Labour Party seeks to reform the capitalist system, replacing private capitalist concerns by State capitalist concerns, and public utility corporations, like the London Passenger Transport Board. The S.P.G.B. is not in favour of State capitalism, but opposed to it. Therefore, in order to carry on our work we have to condemn outright the objects of the Labour Party. Even if the Labour Party would permit an affiliated body to do so (which, obviously, they would not) it would be of no advantage to Socialist propaganda. On the contrary, such an exhibition of political dishonesty would cause doubt and confusion in the minds of the workers, and would hamper us in our work of preaching Socialism.

For fuller treatment of this question readers are referred to articles in the following issues of THE SOCIALIST STANDARD, which are obtainable on application to the Literature Secretary at 2d. per copy: April, 1931; May, 1934; April, 1936, and July, 1936.

Mr. D’Arcy Denny (Biggin Hill)
We have your letter asking us to explain what we mean by the phrase, “Abolition of Capital,” which, you say, appeared on page 35 of THE SOCIALIST STANDARD, dated November, 1933. On referring to the page in question we find that what we said was, “Abolition of Capitalism.” Under Socialism goods will be produced only for use. There will be no monetary system, and no capital.

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