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Socialists and Rota Committees: Answer to “Revolutionist”.

We have received from “Revolutionist” a long, rambling and confused letter in which he complains that we have not answered his previous questions. As has already been explained, we receive far too many letters for it to be possible to print them and answer them in the SOCIALIST STANDARD. We, of course, must decide whether any subject dealt with by a correspondent is of sufficient interest to our readers to warrant insertion of a reply to a letter, and moreover, we cannot undertake to print lengthy letters in full. If “Revolutionist” will be brief and to the point we will try to answer his questions. His last letter was neither brief nor to the point, and we answered what we supposed was the main question at issue.

 He objects to a member of the S.P.G.B. sitting on a Rota Committee because he “must ask such questions as ‘are you genuinely seeking employment?’ “

As this statement is untrue, “Revolutionist” must be unaware of what a member of a Rota Committee must do.

“Revolutionist” is quite willing to receive “charity” from a Board of Guardians because “it is a linking chain in workers’ lives to-day.” But he will only receive “charity” from the Guardians when he applies for it. To obtain this he must state his case, argue his needs, compromise about the amount he will receive, etc.

He must do, in fact, those things which he condemns in a member of a Rota Committee.

The simple fact is that everyone, whether in work or out, helps to administer the capitalist system. The only escape is by suicide.

On the original point about local government, our position is plain, we invite votes from Socialists on a Socialist programme, that and nothing else. We continue to propagate Socialism, telling the workers that no change in the administration of capitalism, either locally or nationally, will raise them from their subject position in society.

Ed., Com.

(Socialist Standard, August 1928)

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