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Two pamphlets

Mr. R. Neft sends us two pamphlets “The Wage Trick,” one penny, and “Doctor and Dustman,” twopence, both obtainable from the author at Stepney Street, Llanelly.

We have criticised earlier pamphlets by Mr. Neft and these are decidedly better. The first does succeed in explaining perfectly, plainly and simply how the worker is robbed. It is only marred by confusion about the nature of capital and the incorrect assumption that money will continue to function under Socialism. Mr. Neft also knows quite well that the Labour Party does not propose to deprive the Capitalists of their property rights, and that the 5,000,000 who voted Labour were not voting for Socialism.

When Mr. Neft invites us to get inside that party he offers no advantage which can compensate for the necessity of having to lie to the workers as he is compelled to do in order to remain a Labour candidate.

“Doctor and Dustman” is a really interesting series of arguments in story form against Capitalist inequality of income. It curiously misses the point which is more fundamental than mere inequality, that is that Capitalist income is unearned. Mr. Neft might with advantage ponder Liebnecht’s remark that “enthusiasm for equality is not Socialism.”

The class war is the only sound basis for Socialist theory and Socialist organisation.


(Socialist Standard, March 1926)

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