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How they make their money

You do not know Mrs. Scarfe, of course. That is unfortunate. Probably, as one of the wealthiest women in Australia, she and you have had little chance of meeting. The Daily News, August 20th, informs us she has just arrived in London. “ My money?” she said to that journal’s interviewer. “ Oh, the Scarfe money was made by hard work, and hardware—pots and pans, that is!”


Possibly a doubt assailed the interviewer as to the proportion in which the hard work and the hardware were allocated. Presumably he asked if the making or managing of so much money was a strenuous occupation. One is delighted to find a refreshing candour. “Oh, no! I don’t ‘manage’ my money—I just take my share of the dividends.”


O, Simple Simon, wake up !


W. T. Hopley