The Lust of War

The Lust of War

    Wars and rumours of wars are round about,

    And hell let loose, and death and dumb despair;

    The groans of dying men, the victor’s shout,

    Mingle, befouling what was once so fair.

    I feel again the old contempt arise

    For men and all men’s ways of greed and waste;

    World-weariness lies heavy on my eyes;

    The joy of life is bitter to the taste.

    Is it not tragic, pitiful as well,

    That men should dabble in their comrades’ gore

    To slake their masters’ blood and money-lust;

    Should suffer all the pains and pangs of hell,

    Binding their fetters tighter than before,

    Grinding their faces in the blood and dust.


F. J. Webb.

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