The Christian Butcher

One notices among a myriad of flag days one set aside for what is termed “a silent tribute to the late Lord Roberts.” In connection with this the following funny extract, dished up in characteristic Christian style, is not without a touch of real spice. The Bishop of Salisbury, speaking at Poole respecting the death of the “hero” of Kandahar said:

A noble pattern for the last recruit in our new army to try to follow, he lived with the sword in his hand, but with his eyes upon Christ. His crowning glory was the pre-eminence he gave to God.

Now while it may be quite conforming to custom for people like the brave dope doctor and other high and mighty folk to hold other people’s coats what time they themselves survey the non-existent Johnny from a position twenty miles behind the front trenches, we are of the conviction that from the view-point of a soldier the advice is more likely to gain for the onlooker one “where the chopper hit the chicken” and a free passport into heaven. Still, doubtless this also forms part of the “crowning glory.” Who knows.

B. B. B.