Anti-Socialists’ Challenge Accepted

An attack on Socialism by Mr. George W. Daw, the Conservative Agent for Wandsworth and a local champion of capitalism, recently appeared in the “Mitcham and Tooting Mercury,” in the course of which he stated that “there is one challenge I have made to Socialists which has never been accepted, and that is to conduct a debate on Socialism in the columns of a recog­nised Socialist journal. I have an extensive acquaintance with Socialist literature, and have noticed that whilst Socialists are so eager to debate on public platforms, where they can prac­tice the tricks of oratory on their audiences, in which they are adepts, they are equally reluctant to open the columns of their journals to pronounced opponents.”

We have written to Mr. Daw and to the above paper accepting his challenge and offering him space in this journal for three months to set out his case. We await his first contribution, which, if received in time, will be published in our next issue together with our reply.

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