When the Socialist says that laws are made by the capitalist class in their own interests he is pooh poohed by the unthinking. All the more interesting, therefore, is the admission to this effect by the “Daily News and Leader ” of 12th April last.

In a leaderette dealing with Sir Stuart Samuel’s expulsion from his Parliamentary seat upon a technicality, the Liberal organ of the chocolate Czar pointed out rightly that “If Sir Stuart Samuel’s firm had been a limited company instead of a partnership, the present law would have had nothing to say, and there are many directors in the House of Commons of companies which enter into contracts with the Government.” Then follows the admission of the necessity for the political prize-fighters and word-twisters in these, words :—

“It ought not to be beyond the CUNNING OF STATESMEN to work out a law based upon a clear principle, which satisfies modern needs.”

Further comment would spoil it.

* * *

Seldom does the fact of the law being more favourable to one class of the community than the other come to the surface more plainly than in a recent appeal for the reduction of a sentence of three years’ penal servitude for manslaughter by a motor-car owner.

Counsel for the appellant, whilst not denying criminal negligence on his client’s part, did contend that the sentence was heavy, “having regard to the fact that the prisoner was a man of good birth, and was a motor engineer carrying on his own business.” (“Manchester Guardian,” 19.3.13.)

From which one gathers that the same sentence upon a man not of good birth, and not carrying on his own business, in other words, a working man, would not have been heavy. If not, why the plea ?

The Judges of Appeal agreed that it was a case for arguing and granted the appeal.

* * *

Jokes often illustrate essential points. The following is a good example :—

A cabman was asked to drive to the Royal Courts of Justice.
“Where, sir ?” queried cabby. “I dunno where they are.”
“Surely, cabby, you know them ; they’re in the Strand.”
“Oh ! I know, sir. You mean the Law Courts.”

* * *

Shade of Kynochs ! Patriotism seems to be very much the same thing the whole world over. I quote the following from a capitalist paper.

“With the corroboration of official documents, the Vorwärts of April 14th exposes an ingenious form of secret Trust, which has been established for the benefit of German manufacturers of shipbuilding materials.

“Whenever a firm is asked by a shipyard for a quotation it sends particulars of the communication to a central office at Dortmund, which then puts all those who have been approached in the matter in touch with one another. After they have agreed among themselves as to the price they are to ask, it is quoted approximately, plus 10 per cent. The manufacturer who finally receives the order remits this 10 percent. to the central office, which, after deducting a tenth to cover its own expenses, divides the balance among the unsuccessful competitors.

“The Vorwärts, which heads its disclosures ‘Remunerative Patriotism,’ says :

‘This is fine business at the cost of the State and the taxpayer, who have thereby been done out of many fair millions. Such patriotism pays. It yields magnificent profits, and there remain over substantial subsidies for the patriotic newspapers which, in the battle for the honour of the German Empire, daily beat the war-drum and prove in black and white that Germany must unquestionably accelerate her naval construction if she does not want to lose her place in the world.'”

* * *

“A Swedish engineer named Ekstedt has invented an ingenious telephone apparatus which is self-receiving and afterwards self-speaking.
“Further particulars are kept secret, but experts who have watched the experiments are convinced that the invention is of great importance.” (“Daily Telegraph,” 15.4.13.)

Hello, Exchange ! I say, your number’s up!

* * *

The saving of wages goes merrily on. Read the following from the “Daily Chronicle” :

“Crowds of people were yesterday watching a demonstration of a motor vacuum road cleansing machine, arranged for the benefit of municipal engineers who had gathered from all parts of the country. The machine is the invention of an Italian engineer, and is constructed by Messrs. J. and P. Hill, of Sheffield. It consists of an ordinary-looking commercial motorcar. Underneath, in touch with the surface of the road, is a long cylindrical brush, which makes about 120 revolutions a minute in the opposite direction to that of the car. This causes a powerful suction, which gathers up the mud, dust and other refuse, and deposits it into two bins, each holding about a ton. It cleans up everything in its path, from a tram ticket to a large stone.
“Figures given as a result of recent tests at Southport show that the machine will clean 12,000 square yards at a cost of 4s. 4d. as against 11s. 8d. by the old method. Orders have already been placed hy the authorities at Glasgow. Manchester and Southport.”

Profit to the owner. Starvation to the hireling !

J. B

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