Party Notes

A branch of the Party has been formed at Bedford. Socialists in the district should communicate with the Secretary, for particulars see Branch Directory on back page.

* * *

A branch is also being formed in the High Wycombe (Bucks.) district, and Socialists willing to assist should communicate with R. W. Gardner, 73 Abercrombie Avenue, High Wycombe.

* * *

Another branch is being formed in Nottingham. Any person desiring particulars or wishing to join is referred to L. Shearstone, 4 Balfour Road, Nottingham.

* * *

Leaflets dealing with the Rates and Taxes question, and others bearing the Declaration of Principles of the Party, have been issued for free distribution. Still another leaflet, dealing with the Anti-Socialist Union and debates, has been prepared. This last was necessary the further to expose the lying and cowardice of the gang masquerading as the “official A.S.U.” The leaflet embodies correspondence that passed between the A.S.U. and S.P.G.B. officials, and should be widely distributed wherever the former is heard of.

* * *

After the Lord Mayor’s show comes the dung cart, we are told, and so the B.S.P. follows the A.S.U. with only this difference: the A.S.U. only declines to debate with us after having tried to put up a case and been badly smashed—the B.S.P. knows it has no case and therefore keeps in hiding.

The following facts are illuminating. On June 23rd last the Moss Side, Manchester B.S.P. branch was challenged to debate the question “Is the British Socialist Party Deserving of Working-Class Support?” The challenger was referred to the Executive of the B.S.P. as the authority for arranging debates. He consequently, under date June 27th, sent the challenge in writing to the General Secretary of the B.S.P.

Failing to get an acknowledgement, although a stamped envelope was enclosed, our comrade on July 29th send a letter, and obtained an advice showing that the letter had been delivered to, and signed for personally by, Mr, H. W. Lee.

On July 31st Mr. H. W. Lee wrote :—

Mr. J. Brough,
Manchester Branch S.P.G.B.
Dear Sir,
Your communication shall be laid before the meeting of the British Socialist Party on Saturday, August 10th.
Yours faithfully, (Signed) H. W. LEE.

It is now October and nothing further has been heard from them on the matter. Verb. sap.

* * *

The B.S.P. we are informed, publish a paper called the “Socialist Record.” Desiring to sample it we wrote asking what are the subscription rates. Here is the reply from their Central Office, dated August 29th, 1912 :—

Mr. A. L. Cox,
S.P.G.B., 193 Gray’s Inn Road, W.C.
Dear Sir,
Replying to your letter of the 23rd instant I have to say that the “Socialist Record” is a journal for members of the British Socialist Party, and is not for public circulation.
Yours faithfully, (Signed) ALBEET INKPIN,
Assistant Secretary.

More verb. sap.

* * *

The Socialist Party, however, has nothing to apologise for, nothing fear and nothing hide. All our publications are therefore for the public, as all our meetings are open to the public. The result is seen in that the enemy fear us, while the more intelligent of the working class respect our courageous attitude and show a growing appreciation of our consistent propaganda for Socialism. To further assist in this direction Educational Classes will be held during the winter months. Already arrangements are made to open the Central class at Head Office on Oct. 11th. At West Ham and Battersea classes are also starting.

* * *

The Party has received several invitations to send representatives to explain Socialism to other organisations and branches thereof. This is a very useful form of propaganda, and should be encouraged. Needless to say, speakers will readily be sent when requested.


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