Who wants a man?

Mechanic offers himself for sale.
A leading New York daily paper has just advertised a man, warranted sound in wind and limb, for sale. He describes himself as 43 years old. He says he understands machinery, and is a good mechanic, but has been out of work for nine months, and is willing to sell himself for food, clothes, and lodging. If no purchaser is forthcoming he will be knocked down by auction to the highest bidder. The man does not sign his name, but the philanthropist who financed the advertisement lent his address. On inquiry it was found that Mr. Loughlin, secretary of the Brooklyn Board of Trade, had inserted the advertisement which he declared was genuine in every way. Before the American panic, the man had been earning £5 weekly in a machinery shop, but since then, despite applications at over 200 machine shops which advertised for men, he has failed to secure a job. At most of them, he says, 150 to 200 men are waiting. He has a record of these places and shows it. Mr. Loughlin says he has personally examined the case, and thinks it is interesting, as proving that the time is not yet ripe for the return of the scores of thousands of aliens who left the States for Europe when the hard time came last year. Industrial conditions are improving, but the process is gradual.-
People,” 24.1.09.