Practical Socialism is so simple that a child may understand it. It is a kind of National Scheme of Co-operation managed by the State. The postal and telegraph service is the standing proof of the capacity of the State to manage the public business with economy and success. (!!!) Labour Leader Leaflet.

Major General Franklyn has been appointed chairman of the committee at the War Office to consider and report on the arrangements for the reception at home of invalids from the seat of hostilities in case of war. As a matter of fact, the existing arrangements are admirable. Our wounded are always received with enthusiasm by a grateful nation, and when the enthusiasm wears off there is always the workhouse. Evening News.

Our criminals, our lunatics, our paupers, our confirmed inebriates, are all living under better hygienic conditions than millions of the sane, the sober, the self-helpful and the honest who inhabit the more crowded quarters of our cities. . . In plain English, the law of life is a hundredfold better applied in our prisons, our asylums, and our workhouses, than it is in the quarters in which our honest poor do congregate.—Referee.

I attribute this great growth of semi-insanity to the horrible conditions under which so many people are born and live. A class is being produced that is devoid of moral fibre and of intellectual force. These people lead aimless and hopeless lives. And what, I ask, can you expect from the progeny of such as these ? T. HOLMES, Police-court Missionary.

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