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    Hi Alan

    I still think socialism or extinction is a pretty good slogan for the party, for these reasons:

    • play on ‘socialism or barbarism’
    • link with Extinction Rebellion
    • threat that human induced climate emergency poses to human society, regardless of whether some of us survive
    • we are currently living through a mass extinction of other species

    You agree that there are potential socialist allies in the environmental movement, but talk about telling them harsh home truths. I don’t think you will make them into allies if you frame it like that, however true that might be.

    I’m glad that this kind of discussion is going on btw. It’s good to talk to you all.

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    I don’t think there is another issue currently that mobilises so many people across the world and brings into focus so clearly the failure of capitalism as an economic and political system. The climate emergency is not a single issue it’s a system issue.

    Within the trade union movement, there is quite a lot of talk of a ‘just transition’ away from a fossil fuel dependent economy, but not a lot of understanding about whether this is just a green version of capitalism and whether that’s enough.

    Our house is now on fire (Greta Thunberg). We knew it would be. I can’t think of a better example of the choice before us (socialism or barbarism). However barbarism is maybe a bit old fashioned as a tern, maybe it’s now socialism or extinction. The earth will outlive us.

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    This site is pretty good as well:

    And it suggests there are two dates being planned (from the FAQs section of the site):

    “Different groups in different parts of the world are mobilising on either or both September 20 and 27 for different reasons – you can see a list of key dates for countries here (available soon).

    On September 20, 3 days before a UN emergency climate summit being held in New York, young people in the Fridays For Future network are mobilising for their largest global climate strike ever. They have invited everyone to join them on Friday, September 20 and again the following Friday, September 27 when they will join Earth Strike for a general strike.

    Global Climate Strike partners encourage everyone to join on both dates and well beyond.”

    Also, have you come across this book – The earth is not for sale: the path out of fossil fuel capitalism to the other world that is still possible by Peter and David Schwartzman – it sounds interesting but have not yet read it.

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