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             Just an example of the utterly undemocratic nature of TZM that they can just wipe their forums with no recourse or consultation with any of their “members”. Apparently their supreme leader PJ was unhappy with the amount of “useless noise” on the forums…a crazy decision in my estimation for an organisation that is stagnating, mostly in my opinion due to the stranglehold of PJ’s arrogance and chauvinism. Although in a way he did a bit of a favour to our class by producing his movies, he still just wants his entry in the history books at the end of the day. For me the Zeitgeist global forum was the thing that kept me hooked…in fact it was one of the most entertaining sources of novel information out there. How they expect to grow without it now it is a mystery to me. I think they are on their way out now anyway and are already being replaced by the “occupy” movements sprouting up worldwide. Zeitgeist itself was the child of “reclaim the streets” and the anti globalisation protests of the late 90’s and eventually the occupy wall street movement might very well be overtaken by something else…real moneyless socialism? God knows.
              Instead of checking the TZM forums daily I now scan the twitter feeds for OWS and there is quite a lot to be hopeful about…a few of the links I’ve found almost look like articles from the standard! I think it’s also promising that they now apparently have no demands…as opposed to the situation just a few weeks ago when it looked as if reform was their modus operandi. The genie is out of the bottle now as far as Capitalism is concerned and there is no way back now for the parasites.
              I’m glad the party has finally developed a new website and forum. However if the inclusive and outdated yahoo group forum continues to exist then this new version won’t have a chance. The old forum as you call it is exactly that…an outmoded and clunky form of communication which to outsiders just mirrors their preonceptions of the party as being an obscure intellectual sect. So long as the old forum continues to get bogged down in obscuritanist debates about whether small shopkeepers are workers or not whilst thrashing out Marx’s ethics of Freedom, or discussing the finer points of Henri Lefebre the party is fucked by it’s own social blinkers. Whilst the Standard continues to be utterly excellent this strange anomaly with the old forum continues.
              I think two things need to happen. First the yahoo system needs to be completely scrapped so that there is no option but to open up to the new forum for discussion inside the party and out. Second the new website should be re-tweeked to encompass the entire WSM with links to each and every party within the movement…the new website should be the central core of the WSM! I guess as an ex member who left 10 years ago I have a bit of a cheek saying all this! I don’t care…i just wish the WSM forums were as excellent and broadly based as the Standard. Yours for World Socialism! Cheers Ray


    I think TZM could make a good discussion thread in itself. I pretty much agree with what you say about but don’t think it’s right to say it’s a child of the ‘reclaim the streets’ movement. TZM has its origins in the massive ‘conspiracy theory’ scene on the internet.There are plans to eventually update the worldsocialism.org site. The ‘forum question’ will be discussed by the EC though I think any decision will ultimately have to be made by the membership.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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