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    I am so fed up with the media coverage of the war, that I don’t listen or read about it anymore. The stories are either about the suffering and death of Ukrainians but they think it’s worth it, or about the need to ‘defend democracy’, or about how the ‘West’ must send arms to Ukraine, or about it all being the fault of one man (Putin). The blatant propaganda means I’ve stopped listening. The war must be stopped, the suffering and death must end, and every time I hear or read a pundit on the media advocating more tanks for Ukraine I shout f*** off.


    Yes, and then there’s that Zelensky character. Next he’ll be asking from an atom bomb.


    These so-called journalists uncritically report Rishi Sunak saying the country can’t afford to give health care workers a pay rise, and then boast about how much aid they’re sending to Ukraine!


    The financial cost of hosting the refugees is also coming out of the UK foreign aid budget.


    Membership of NATO will in effect bring Ukraine under its nuclear umbrella so Zelensky and Putin know the nuclear war consequence of the expansion of NATO.

    Unfortunately, we do not have unbiased news reporting sources, just as we weren’t in the Syrian civil war, which does make us vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation.


    Have you noticed that the longer ago a war was, the more honest historians (& the media) are about it?

    Take the Franco-Prussian war, for example. This is how Wikipedia describes the cause of it: “The conflict was caused primarily by France’s determination to reassert its dominant position in continental Europe, which appeared in question following the decisive Prussian victory over Austria in 1866. According to some historians, Prussian chancellor Otto von Bismarck deliberately provoked the French into declaring war on Prussia in order to induce four independent southern German states — Baden, Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse-Darmstadt — to join the North German Confederation; other historians contend that Bismarck exploited the circumstances as they unfolded. All agree that Bismarck recognized the potential for new German alliances, given the situation as a whole.”

    And the result: “Following an armistice with France, the Treaty of Frankfurt was signed on 10 May 1871, giving Germany billions of francs in war indemnity, as well as most of Alsace and parts of Lorraine [most of which spoke German dialects], which became the Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorrain.

    “The war had a lasting impact on Europe. By hastening German unification [with the exception of Austria], the war significantly altered the balance of power on the continent.”

    Notice there’s nothing here about fighting for freedom & democracy. It states what the war was really about.


    According to Antiwar.Com the lads from JP Morgan are ‘dodging the bombs’ in Ukraine (never an accurate drone strike when you need one) on the look out for profitable opportunities. Mr Zelensky has assured them they will make money on their investments in any future reconstruction.
    What’s left of the Ukrainian working-class is going to have to pull it’s finger out to supply the surplus-value.
    Still, at this stage it’s all talk and probably down right lies.


    13,000 people have taken part in a demonstration in central Berlin to protest against giving more weapons to Ukraine, urging the German government to deescalate the crisis by paving the way for negotiations. Similar demonstrations took place in other German cities.

    Sahra Wagenknecht said her main motivation was to bring to an end the “terrible suffering and dying in Ukraine”. But that meant offering Russia negotiations

    “We are like the slaves to war and the warmongers,” said Norbert, a former soldier, declining to give his surname, who held a banner reading “The real enemy sits in the City of London and New York,” a reference he said to the financial powers who he claimed were behind the war and had no interest in it ending.


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