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    twc wrote:
    LBird wrote:
    As for your [twc’s] assertion that "no serious developer writes GO TO's"… it makes me wonder if you live in our world.

    If that ain’t endorsing the use of GOTOs by serious programmers, I don’t know what is.

    Do you know anything about the computer industry? Or the real world?Dijkstra might have shown that GOTOs are illogical, but Marx showed Capitalism is illogical. Business has ignored both.'Serious developers' use now, and have always continued to use since Dijkstra wrote, GOTOs.Why else would I have written what I did? I know, because I spent years sorting out unstructured programs that employed GOTOs. I specifically attacked the use of GOTOs, in foul language. How much clearer could I have been?I don't know why I'm bothering anymore. Now, you apparently even know more than I do about my own experience of the computer industry.

Viewing 286 post (of 286 total)
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