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    Young Master Smeet

    Report from Labour’s January executive

    “The NEC agreed to downgrade Labour’s membership of the Socialist International to observer status, in view of ethical concerns, and to develop international co-operation through new networks”

    They didn't have concerns when the Tunisian and Egyptian dictatorships were members, so I wodner what it is?  Apparently, the German SPD is looking for a new international, so maybe there are ructions somewhere…

    The change sems to have taken effect, looking at the Labour Party website, and the International's.

    Maybe we should apply nick their slot


    Young Master Smeet
    Participant seems to shed some light.  Acording to Google translate, it says, among other things:

    Machine Translation wrote:
    The formation of the new alliance preceded disengagement from the traditional Socialist International (SI), which was coming under increasing criticism. Gabriel had announced earlier this year that the SPD would suspend payments to the International – the German Social Democrats were around 100,000 British pounds largest contributor. From an SPD member of the board was at the time reported that Gabriel had the ground that he could not allow "that the SPD with gangsters at a table" seats. This was aimed, inter alia, the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional of Nicaragua.

    It seems it has been replaced by a "Progressive Alliance":

    Warm Words wrote:
    The progressive, democratic, social democratic, socialist and labour movement is founded on the belief in human rights and the pursuit of freedom, justice, social equality and international solidarity.  Our time is defined by rapid changes and historic economic and political shifts. Looking around us, many countries are striving with grave economic challenges, while in other geographical areas people have a more optimistic view for the future than ever before. In every circumstance, the demand for progressive policies which provides answers to the needs of ordinary men, women and children is strong.

    Seems to be their founding object.  Apparently there will be apple pie too.

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