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January 2021

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    Young Master Smeet

    UK military has base sites in five countries around China: naval base in Singapore, garrisons in Brunei, drone testing sites in Australia, three facilities in Nepal and quick reaction force in Afghanistan

    Cyprus hosts 17 UK military installations including firing ranges and spy stations, with some located outside UK’s “sovereign base areas”

    Britain maintains military presence in seven Arab monarchies where citizens have little or no say in how they are governed

    UK personnel are stationed across 15 sites in Saudi Arabia, supporting internal repression and the war in Yemen, and at 16 sites in Oman, some run directly by British military

    In Africa, British troops are based in Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Mali

    Many UK overseas bases are located in tax havens such as Bermuda and Cayman Island

    “The size of this global military presence is far larger than previously thought and is likely to mean that the UK has the second largest military network in the world, after the United States.”

    and it looks like the Toris, after having tried to flex military might through “Security co-operation” plan to return to the Pirate Island mode for the economy…

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