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      The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

                                      Robert  Tressell

                                       Chapter 25         The Oblong

      … As Owen spoke he drew a vertical line …

      … ‘Number three stands for those who work for wages or salaries, doing unnecessary work. That is, producing things or doing things which—useful and necessary to the Imbecile System—cannot be described as the necessaries of life or the benefits of civilization. This is the largest section of all.

      ‘It comprises Commercial Travellers, Canvassers, Insurance agents, commission agents, the great number of Shop Assistants, the majority of clerks, workmen employed in the construction and adornment of business premises, people occupied with what they call “Business”, which means being very busy without producing anything

      ‘Then there is a vast army of people engaged in designing, composing, painting or printing advertisements, things which are for the most part of no utility whatever, the object of most advertisements is merely to persuade people to buy from one firm rather than from another…


      … ‘Nature has not provided ready-made all the things necessary for the life and happiness of mankind. In order to obtain these things we have to Work.

      ‘The only rational labour is that which is directed to the creation of those things. Any kind of work which does not help us to attain this object is a ridiculous, idiotic, criminal, imbecile, waste of time.

      That is what the great army of people represented by division number three are doing at present: they are all very busy—working very hard—but to all useful intents and purposes they are doing Nothing.’



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      Clearly doesn’t work.  What a  pity

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        Matthew Culbert

        I did it as two (created) images.

        You are better just using plain text and putting links into your posts.

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      Thanks Matthew for doing that.

      And thanks so much for pointing me to the wikisource, digitised and validated, Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

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