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    SPGB member P.J.Shannon has been invited to go on Mark Dolan Tonight on GB News, to take part in a 10-minute slot starting at 9.20pm, tonight, Friday 4 November, on the question ‘Is Greta Thunberg right that it’s time to end capitalism?’

    GB News can be watched on Freeview 236, Sky HD 515, Virgin 604, YouView 236 and Freesat HD 216.

    Mike Foster

    Well done Paddy! Good show! I thought you put your points across in a really clear and persuasive way, and used some lively examples (I liked the ‘bottle of milk’ one!). You got more time than I expected, so fair dos to the presenter for that, despite some of his questions missing the point (such as ‘who pays the nurses?’). Not sure I got the other person’s definitions, but hey ho.


    29 minutes in


    Excellent contribution Paddy!

    Interesting to see the same old tired baseless anarchocapitalist argument surface – that we don’t live in a capitalist society but a corporatist society. Ancaps who plug this line should be asked to explain how exactly they propose to get us back from a corporatist to a capitalist society in their terms.

    Are they going to use the state to “smash” big business? Do they expect the little corner shop to outcompete a supermarket chain and drive the latter into bankruptcy? Or what?


    The only way of stopping the banks from crashing the Uk’s economy without bailing them out was to nationalise them. You can bet your life that libertarian would be against that!


    Edited version


    The edited version has now been uploaded to the Video page of this website –

    ‘Is Greta Thunberg right that we should scrap capitalism?’

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