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    The Guardian "comment is free" gives free voice to the criticism of the Left's anti-semitism. shall await the Guardian devoting its columns to the anti-semitism of the right.I'm not an expert but i have read it was only after the 1956 war that the USA eventually opted to chose Israel to be its Middle East ally. The essay appears to be anti-Russian and forgets that real-politik meant that the Russians were supportive of the Zionist aim for the establishment of Israel and that it was the "socialistic" kibbutzims that garnered support from the Leftists. from wiki"On May 17, 1948, three days after Israel declared independence, the Soviet Union legally recognized it de jure, becoming the first country to grant de jure recognition to the Jewish state.[5][6] In addition to the diplomatic support, arms from Czechoslovakia, part of the Soviet bloc, were crucial to Israel in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.""From late 1944, Joseph Stalin adopted a pro-Zionist foreign policy, apparently believing that the new country would be socialist and would speed the decline of British influence in the Middle East.[6] Accordingly, in November 1947, the Soviet Union, together with the other Soviet bloc countries voted in favor of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine,[7]which paved the way for the creation of the State of Israel. On May 17, 1948, three days after Israel declared its independence, the Soviet Union officially granted de jure recognition of Israel,[8] becoming the second country to recognise the Jewish state (preceded by the United States' de facto recognition) and the first country to grant Israel de jure recognition."

    ALB wrote:
    The irony (or whatever) is that anti-semitism would have virtually died out if the state of Israel had not been set up.

    Since the very beginning of the creation of the State of Israel, the Socialist Party indicated that the formation o the nation of Israel was going to increase anti-semitism, and it was not going to be  a safe place for the Jews


    Another humanitarian NGO that may well be not all that it seems. Syrian American Medical Society

    alanjjohnstone wrote:
    Another humanitarian NGO that may well be not all that it seems. Syrian American Medical Society

    They have not published any articles denouncing the hospitals that have been bombarded by the western armies,  and all the doctors that have been killed and their patients in Syria, Libya and Iraq. During WWII sometimes Nazis soldiers pay respect to the hospital and ambulances of the allied forces. In Iraq many Iraquiies  doctors provided medical services to US soldiers. The US association of Psychologists approved the tortures that took place in Iraq, afghanistan and secret jails that the CIA had in different countries. 


    The BBC report on Assadist conspiracist commentators on the Syrian Civil War and their reluctance to comment to the BBC.


    The BBC also report that Facebook beats polling in some cases

    The activists call themselves "anti-war", but as they generally back the Syrian government's military operations against rebel forces seeking to overthrow Mr Assad and Russian air strikes carried out in support, it might be more accurate to describe them as "anti-Western intervention" or "pro-Syrian government".

    I think that is pretty much an accurate observation. After all where are the protests about the Iranians, the Russians and Hezbollah actions in Syria. Now that victory is almost accomplished, will they demand the immediate withdrawal of those foreign fighters?


     Guardian commentator comes out in defence of the White Helmets cites the Guardian investigation to clear them of any complicity with Jihadism.


    Britain could increase its funding to the Syrian volunteer rescue group the White Helmets following reports that Donald Trump is withdrawing US support. £38.4m went through the conflict, stability and security fund to the White HelmetsIn March, Trump froze a $200m (£148m) package of US aid to Syria, which included money for the White Helmets. The US has given the group $33m to date, 


    They have dropped out of the news recently but this article is critical of the White Helmets and their defenders in the media

    Western Media Attacks Critics of the White Helmets

    Peter Ford, the former UK Ambassador to Syria:

    “The White Helmets are jihadi auxiliaries… They are not, as claimed by themselves and by their supporters… simple rescuers. They are not volunteers. They are paid professionals of disinformation.”

    He proceeded to note the huge size of the organization’s “press department”, saying,

    “This gives us an idea what the priority is for this very dubious organization… All their activities are directed at mobilizing Western opinion behind the jihadis with whom they associate. They co-locate their centers with the Al-Qaeda organization known as Al-Nusra and with other militant groups such as Jaish al-Islam. They have in the past been shown associating with and waving the flags of ISIS.”

    Dave B

    I think when it comes to RT news Al jazerra and the Iranian Press TV it is sensible to pay close attention to all three as well as our own Western Media.


    As Karl recommended?




    It is an old English proverb that “when thieves fall out, honest men come by their own,” and, in fact, the noisy, passionate quarrel between the two fractions of the ruling class about the question, which of the two exploited the labourers the more shamefully, was on each hand the midwife of the truth.



    Re RT news, for example, there is a hazard of falling into the trap of an enemy of an enemy is a friend and overlooking the operations and interests of the Russian capitalism and its state run media outlets.


    However stuff appears on it, like Lee Camps “Redacted Tonight” which is extremely radical and off our kind of page really. And the kind of material that you won’t find anywhere on western originated terrestrial TV.


    And there is stuff like ‘Going Underground’ which is a bit more like far left whining but still not the stuff on our air waves.


    In things like ‘Cross Talk’ it also discusses issues with a kind of panel that likes to get people with radical opposing views on it.


    Which goes beyond the normal short sound-bite stuff on western media.


    And the patsy and puff-ball questions you get on BBC question time.


    Lavalle who does ‘Cross Talk’ is a bit of a ‘conservative’.


    Offcom and its political masters obviously want shut down RT news like they did with Press TV.


    So RT news have to go over the top with balanced reporting to dodge that bullet.


    So you get the ‘anchors’, when interviewing people with other opinions, putting questions from within the framework of the standard western narrative.


    And leftist gorgeous George Galloway in his Sputnik programme has to act as if he is ‘treading on egg shells’ when deal with some stuff.


    It will also do some quite excellent stand alone documentaries, many on shitty things for the working class in the US; I suppose it might not all be bias as a topic anymore than just an extensive subject.



    There is plenty of crap like ‘Boom and Bust’ and Max Kaiser (which is entertaining from an insider ‘anarcho-capitalist’ perspective) but you pick useful stuff up from them as well.


    These anti fiat paper money people can be a useful resource.


    There was an interesting article below on control of mainstream media etc.






    A recent major survey indicated that about 50% of the population in UK, Europe and the US did not trust the mainstream narrative on Russia.


    Which was quite an astonishing number as we are obviously being ‘groomed’ for a potential escalating conflict or war.


    I personally from my own contacts find it quite variable.


    So you can get these older self described intellectual Guardian readers and BBC watchers who think Putin is a monster etc.


    And ordinary online tweeting working class blockheads who think it is all a pile of shit.


    But stuff flies around if it is ‘amusing’ enough.




    And Our Skripal Assassin’s were gay lovers [ still a problem in Russia- they are still about 40 years behind us on that kind of thing] involved in the murky world of peddling growth hormones and steroids.


    Probably lured to Salisbury on a fake deal.


    The ‘content’ of conspiracy theories is a deep cynicism of what our masters portray as the truth through the mainstream media.



    That is healthy.


    It is obviously susceptible to being poisoned by more outrageous claims.


    Consider the difference in attitudes between the White Helmets and Palestinian first-responders in Gaza. One gets a movie made about them, the other is removed from sight

    Removing Billboard “Honoring the First Responders of Gaza” is Attack on Free Speech


    The BBC continue with their advocacy that the White Helmets were a genuine humanitarian organisation and not a publicity front for the anti-Assad alliance.

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