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    Can anyone advise if the Socialist Standard archives are searchable by keyword, and if so how?


    I am sure Matt will answer ( and move this to the website/technical section) but I can say what I do to find an article on a particular subject.

    Go here (it can be found under publications/socialist standard/ standard index (full) ) and you can search for articles by decade on the basis of the words in their title.

    Standard index (Full)

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    Matthew Culbert

    The ‘search’ facility is not as quite as good as it was, in the previous Drupal system.

    It didn’t transfer over all of the keywords.

    But having said that, if you try and hit onto the ‘Socialist Standard’ link,under the ‘Publications’ menu

    Socialist Standard

    and then search using the ‘Search’ facility, (Top Right next to banner) depending on the word or words used you’ll get a result.
    For instance ‘Bevin’ gave me this result,
    Kronstadt Revolt gave me this,

    It is all in the ‘keyword(s) used.

    Usually the top articles are the most relevant.

    We’ll need to take look at improving upon what we have presently.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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