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    Hey all, I’m new to the forum and have a little look around. I think the idea that the left are intolerant is simply a ploy to silence us, I don’t believe that polite discourse with people who are using economic euthanasia on us is ever going to work. I find it hard even to post mundane comments with stats on social media these days and get filtered constantly. I’ve been sealioned by the right for over 2 decades and found humour to be a useful tool. To that end I often write poems, satire, jokes to make important points.

    Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of cash;
    Four and twenty kleptocrats stealing from our tax.
    When the country realised, they all began to sing,
    Get the Tories out of office or they’ll sell off everything!

    Diet Tories: A moment in office, a lifetime on your wallet!

    For the profit they cherish, we perish:

    For the profit they cherish, we perish.
    While children with illnesses we could cure,
    Had the funds been in place, in each case;
    Lie in cold beds on freezing damp floors.

    While crime grows, it seems treason is the reason,
    This corruption continues to cause rot.
    The Tory’s weak stories excuse these dire crises,
    As they pilfer from the workers’ slim pot.

    As the resources to fix all these problems,
    Escape to bloated accounts far offshore.
    From food banks, we feed, as poverty caused by greed
    continues to grow, does it not?

    So what good could the censors accomplish?
    As they silence complaints we have in scores.
    While gaslit by the papers, the victims’ lives taper
    into years less than their hard work should accord.

    If we seek to change our Union for the better
    The green lands we adore; they have scorned,
    Challenge this foul administration, that governs our nations.
    And stop this waged war on the poor.

    I have a blog and hope it isn’t considered advertising to post a link here, If it is then my apologies and please delete this post.

    Thank you for reading this post and please feel free to check out the blog.


    Welcome to our forum.


    Thank you! Nice to visit an online forum with intelligent content that isn’t overrun by the usual right-whingers.


    We have vibrant arguments though.


    I should hope so, no point in having an echo chamber. I dare say my outlook will be different to many here and at 50 I’m unlikely to change unless a good argument can prove the foundations of specific beliefs I hold to be erroneous.


    I’m 62, to be 63 next month.

    We also have an Off-topic forum here, which is for humourous messages, jokes, etc.


    You got twelve years more experience in life than me then, I’ll be 51 next month, 18th. I’ll have a look in the Off-topic forum then, I love a bit of satire and humour. To be honest, due to poverty, illness and Tory governance over the past 12 years I’ve now developed late-stage terminal sarcasm. I tend to scream obscenities at the news regularly regarding Tory schemes and legislation, so it may be Toryettes syndrome.



    Good one.


    We would say it’s not just the Tories but the rest as well: all representatives of the profit system.


    Agreed, we don’t even have a main party that offers an alternative to neoliberalism these days. Just red or blue flavoured neoliberalism. Since Blair dropped clause 4 I left Labour and while I had hope during the Corbyn period the media soon put an end to that. Possibly in large part due to a little pledge in the 2019 manifesto regarding removing transparency on the crown dependencies and overseas territories. From my point of view Starmer is a second-rate Blair tribute act. Better than the alternative, but not much.


    I had a quick look at your website and was pleased that you chose humour as your communications vehicle. I will take a deeper look when I have more time on hand.

    Despite the reputation of the left as having the funnier stand-up comedians, we need far more to ridicule this farcical social order we live under.

    Perhaps a special topic – socialist satire – can be started to join our music and movie threads.


    Thank you and agreed. I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to distribute copies of the free ebook if you like it. I’ve added them to a google drive linked on the site, in multiple formats Epub, Mobi, RTF, DocX and ODT.

    After decades of being sealioned by the right, I found humour would allow me to get past their prejudice and through their preconceptions/barriers. I’ve even managed to convert a few. I think getting the message out using any tools available is important and could help create an ideological shift. Which we certainly need right now as the Overton window is still shifting further right.


    Ben Elton murdered Benny Hill.
    The Socialist Party is not left-wing by the way.


    Ben Elton murdered Benny Hill?

    Bijou Drains

    “Ben Elton murdered Benny Hill.”

    And I never had the chance to thank him!

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