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    Seymore Hersh repeats his claim on the Nord Stream sabotage

    “He did it. He did it. I’m telling you, he did it.” And now, the legendary journalist said “the Biden game is to wait it out and never say yes.”


    ICC issues arrest warrants for Putin.

    Why didn’t they do the same for Blair and Bush?


    Talk about counting your chickens before they’ve hatched. Normally victor’s justice is only administered after victory, but the International Court of Clowns has jumped the gun, besides ignoring similar war crimes committed by the Ukraine regime. What hypocrites.


    In their Legal Pleading they forgot to include Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Donald Trump, and their Ukrainian puppets . That is only a Kangaroo court, similar to the one that they had in Iraq when they processed one of their old ally known as Saddam Hussein


    An anti-war peace rally at Washington DC and elsewhere across the USA

    WATCH: Anti-War Rally at the White House LIVE


    Who now is the war criminal?

    Biden has resumed deportations to Russia, a reversal of the position adopted after Russia invaded Ukraine just over a year ago, when such removals were suspended

    Russian asylum seekers, many of whom have made their way to the US in the last year, are now terrified the US government will return them to Russia where they could face prison or be sent rapidly to the frontline


    PS: Several refugee from El Salvador and Colombia were sent back by the USA and some of them were killed as soon as they arrived


    More “democracy” in operation in Ukraine:

    Easy, use your parliamentary majority to kick out opposition MPs.


    Workers are still tailgating their own oppressors and rulers



    The speeches


    Several years ago, the SLP of America wrote an article indicating that marches, songs, and protests would not stop the war, during the preamble of the Iraq war millions of people went to the street worldwide and the battle took place. The working class is also divided, millions of workers support the killing of this war


    Unlike the 2003 protests, the anti-war movement is very much smaller.

    And now includes right-wing libertarians within it.

    As you say, it is a more divided and I witness that on anarchist forums where being pro-Ukraine is an acceptable position.


    There is an enormous ideological retrogression ( within the bourgeois way of thinking ) and peoples are willing to die and kill for a stupid leader, and many are part of the so-called socialist. and the communist movement,

    In the past, wanted leaders to die and be killed. RT ( Russia Today, English and Spanish ) is the war room of Vladimir Putin.

    I participate in several private forums and private chats and most of their members support wars, world conflicts, conspiracy theories, and nationalism/patriotism is today a world disease.

    There is no vision like in the past toward a new society, apathy, masochism, frustration, and burned out prevail all over

    People are not reading anything, they are just repeating like parrots someone else expressions. There is no continuity and independent thinking, they are just followers


    The February 19 rally in Washington, D.C., was branded as an effort to “Rage Against the War Machine.”

    However, Arun Gupta, a journalist who attended the rally, said the event ended up being different than it was branded. “It was not an antiwar rally because it was pretty clear that it was generally a pro-Russian bent.”

    A “Red-Brown Alliance” brings fascist politics into ostensibly leftist social movements.

    Fascists Are Attempting to Win Followers by Rebranding as Antiwar

    “This is a religious war, it is a cultural war, and it is a political war against the people of East Ukraine who only ever wanted to go home,” said Matthew Heimbach, who was there to promote the Patriotic Socialist Front.

    This organization describes itself as an orthodox Marxist-Leninist socialist organization that maintains a “patriotism” for their home country and a celebration of ethnic identity, something they claim is not only conducive with socialism, but a proper manifestation of the Marxist ideal. “Patriotic socialism” is a word known to historians of communist movements, particularly those maintaining Stalinist authoritarian and nationalist trends. Antifascists argue that it is an attempt to rebrand far right politics with Marxist jargon.

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