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    “Just as many homophobes possess same-sex desires”

    Lol. We’re not talking about the gays here All-in, we’re talking about Nazis.

    “Those who profess to be anti-Nazi often share the same ideological similarites with Nazis.”

    Pronounces All-in from on high. And what authority do you have to speak on such matters? Written a book on the subject? A PHD thesis? An email? Talked to your belly button about it? Yeah, I’m going the last one.

    “TD’s anti-Nazism To use Shakespeare – he doth protest too much.”

    Lol, I believe this is the first time I’ve ever brought it up. You are a clown.

    “It can be seen in TS falsification of history”

    I’ve made a couple of errors in recollection but “falsification”? BS. What “falsification”?

    “and leader-worship adulation for Stalin and other political authoritarians.”

    All-in got spanked too much as a child no doubt because his parents were so frustrated at his abject stupidity. He now thinks any form of authority is bad because it will result in him getting a wooden spoon to the buttocks. He has been permanently infantilised. Now who wrote about that? Lenin I think.

    “Psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski studied the relationship between psychological disorders and politics to understand why psychopaths and narcissists are so strongly attracted to power.”

    Lol. Cos anyone with the temerity to disagree with a ruling class narrative vomiting “socialist” must have a mental disorder.

    “People with personality disorders are drawn to political power – narcissists crave attention and affirmation, and feel that they are superior to others.”

    Talking to your belly button again All-in?

    “BD recognised this narcissistic trait in TS long ago.”

    Bojo’s Brains is one of the dumbest human beings alive. But hey, if you think his opinions deserve respect then knock your head in to a bloody paste against that brick wall. It couldn’t make you any dimmer.

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    Bijou Drains

    True Nazi “now who wrote about that, Lenin I think”

    🤣🤣 TN wants us to believe he’s read anything by Lenin. 😂😂

    He does keep me amused.


    BD, I am sure TS has never read Herman Gorter’s rebuttal of Lenin’s ‘Left Wing Communism. An Infantile Disorder’

    I’m also pretty sure he doesn’t even know who Herman Gorter was.

    It’s will be like casting pearls before swine but here is a link to further his education.

    He would also learn from the likes of Erich Fromm.

    “…This masochistic individual looking for dependency is in his depth frightened – often only subconsciously — a feeling of inferiority, powerlessness, aloneness. Because of this, he is looking for the “leader,” the great power, to feel safe and protected through participation and to overcome his own inferiority. Subconsciously, he feels his own powerlessness and needs the leader to control this feeling. This masochistic and submissive individual, who fears freedom and escapes into idolatry, is the person on which the authoritarian systems — Nazism and Stalinism — rest…”


    One of Putin’s declared objectives was the protection of the people of the DPR and LPR.

    TASS reports on that failure

    “During the 382 days of escalation, 674 civilians, including 27 children, were killed in the territory within the borders existing **before** the start of the special military operation.

    In the territory liberated **during** the special military operation, 3,779 civilians were killed, including 106 children. A total of 4,453 people were killed, including 133 children,”

    Bijou Drains

    Other than the genuine moments of unconscious comedy that True Nazi postings provide, one other benefit to society is that he is occupied spending his time on this forum.

    This means that when he is on this forum he will have less time to develop the kinds of coersive and controlling personal relationships he will inevitably be try to develop.

    This means that he will have less time to gaslight, demean and abuse any intimate relationship partners he might have (if he has any). Be less available to intimidate, stunt, overwhelm and frighten any children he has (if he has any), overcontrol, cower and misuse any dog he might have (if he has one) and bully, terrorise, threaten, intimidate, oppress and browbeat any colleagues he works with (if he has any).

    For him it’s a night out, for his family its a night off!!


    Another Putin failure – no demilitarisation

    From Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

    Arms imports by European countries increased by 47%

    And those by European NATO countries by as much as 65%.


    “It is over for the Ukraine. The Russian forces are enveloping Ukrainian units in several small cauldrons. Bakhmut is only one of them. South of it is the New York agglomeration which will become another one. Anviivka, further south, is also in big trouble and may even become the first of the three to fall.”


    Hopeful Republican candidate for the next US presidential elections Ron DeSantis is describing the Ukraine War as a “territorial dispute” between Russia and Ukraine — which is some respects it is — adding that what’s going on there is not of vital interest to the US.

    If elected, this could be the quickest way the slaughter there will end, as without US military and financial support Ukraine would have to sue for peace. If he does become the Republican Party candidate for president this will create a dilemma for devotees of the “lesser evil” doctrine since at the moment the Democrats are the war party.

    Mind you, DeSantis wants to concentrate on confronting China which he still anachronistically calls “Communist”. Maybe he is stupid enough to believe that.


    De Santis is worst than Donald Trump and Joe Biden together, as soon as he steps inside the White House he will be doing the same job as any other reactionary US president, he is jus trying to get the votes of the white voters, he is a caveman, he is more reactionary, recalcitrant, anticommunist, and backward than Ronald Reagan. and McCarthy. Confronting China is worst than confronting Russia which is the real US world hegemony challenger. He is just an ignorant advised by ignorants, probably, Trump is more clever than him. Ex president Juan Bosh wrote that any ignorant can become president of the USA


    Ex president Juan Bosh wrote that any ignorant can become president of the USA

    Wasn’t he the shoeshine guy in the TV series?

    Bijou Drains

    Nothing like a bit of casual racism to demonstrate your stupidity, are you a tory councillor, by chance.


    I do not think you have a clue who Juan Bosh is and I do not think you have read any of his books either. He wrote one of the best book of history about the Americas covering from pre Colombian time until 1960, his history book is much better than Howard Zin History of a people,
    and much better than Galeano


    They don’t do humour here Lizzie. Good to know you’re still kicking around.


    April Fools Day

    Russia will start a new recruitment campaign on 1 April, with the aim of recruiting 400,000, trying to compensate for its losses in specialised soldiers, such as tank drivers and artillerymen, the Vyorstka outlet has reported.

    Radio Svoboda, citing several regional media outlets, has reported that the Russian defence ministry has already sent orders to regions indicating the number of people with whom military contracts should be signed. According to the plan, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk oblasts will have 10,000 contractors each, it said. In Perm Krai, 9,000 individuals will reportedly be recruited.


    “Russia will start a new recruitment campaign on 1 April, with the aim of recruiting 400,000, trying to compensate for its losses in specialised soldiers”

    Doubtful. Far more likely it’s in preparation for NATOstani entry in to the conflict. The lunatics in Washington and Brussels have only one setting : escalate.

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