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    The Third Path derives its name from the so-called “Third Way” in German politics. As the party’s first point on its ten-point program puts it: “The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the creation of a German socialism far away from exploitative capitalism as well as egalitarian communism.”

    The party is considered affiliated with the “left-wing” branch of historical Nazi ideology and is in favor of nationalizing all of Germany’s key industries, as well as public services and social welfare, banks, and major companies. 

    But its brand of socialism is decidedly racist in tone: Its program includes “the rigorous funding of families with any children to prevent an imminent extinction of the German people,” and “the preservation and development of the biological substance of the German people.”

    Moreover, the Third Path openly questions the legitimacy of Germany’s post-war borders, demanding “the peaceful restoration of Great Germany with its original frontiers.”

    Seems to me another Strasserite right-wing party


    Alan – I didn’t think that the Nazis went in for ‘nationalization’ of industries – they just made sure there were Nazis in control in the boardrooms?


    Hitler did make a pact with the German capitalists and it did lead to the fate of the Night of the Long Knives for those leftists still holding to the “workers” party.

    The Nazis did play lip-service to nationalisation

    The 1920 Programme



    The first Nationalization took place in Great Britain during the time of the Manchesterists, most leftists do not know that nationalization is bourgeoise expropriation, the right invented the process and the definition, and the left adopt them as their own child

    This Neo Nazis group is something similar to the US Minutemen integrated by White Nationalists and some black nationalist and Mexican Americans.

    Originally the USA minutemen emerged during the so-called revolutionary war and then they were anti-communists groups claiming that communists were going to take over the USA, and then Mexican immigrants were going to take over the USA,

    I do not doubt that they were some groups claiming that the Indians were going to take over the USA and that they were foreign peoples and invaders

    On certain occasions Reagan said that the Sandinista Army was entering thru Texas, it was the opposite, the USA contras were entering Nicaragua


    Alan – I didn’t think that the Nazis went in for ‘nationalization’ of industries – they just made sure there were Nazis in control in the boardrooms?


    They did not have to do that, nationalization had already been done at the beginning of the capitalist mode of production, and in many countries in Europe the same process took place, the main purpose was to avoid that other groups of capitalists had exclusive control of the railways, telegraph, seas, and ocean. Nationalization is the favorite expression of the leftists in the third world countries

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