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    Young Master Smeet

    I'd attempt a reasoned dissection of this story, but anger prevents:


    What were the Magdalene Laundries?

    Institutions where women were sent if they were regarded as "fallen women".

    Who was sent there?

    The women who were committed to these homes included women who conceived out of wed lock, wards of state and so-called 'promiscuous and flirtatious' women. Parents, social workers, judges, priests and members of the Gardai could recommend a woman to be sent to these workhouses.


    How many women were sent to the laundries?

    No known figures as records were not kept, but an estimated 30,000.

    How many children were adopted from the laundries?

    Again, this is unclear but it is believed over 2,000 children 'exported' from the laundries to new homes, mainly to wealthy families in the US, usually for a payment from the families.

    This went on until 1996.

    Young Master Smeet wrote:
    This went on until 1996.

    And started in 1922 when the south of Ireland got "independence". What was that about "Home Rule" = "Rome Rule"?

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