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    Chile’s right rejoices after pro-Pinochet candidate wins presidential first round
    José Antonio Kast will face progressive former student leader Gabriel Boric in runoff election next month


    Abstention is a persistent feature of Chilean elections – where rarely more than half of the electorate turns out. Despite the seemingly high stakes of yesterday’s election, participation hit just 47%.

    Any thoughts on that, MS?


    Workers do not trust in any of the political parties and candidates, in reality, there are not too many differences between both, and the offers made by the left can also be accomplished by the right. In Costa Rica, most of the time people have elected right-wingers and they have the same social services offered by any so-called left-wing government. Salvador Allende also had a low percentage of votes


    The majority of the peoples who do not want to vote are the young peoples and the natives, they do not think that their problems are going to resolved by any political party or leader, and the presidential candidate from the left is a young person. Since they need them to win the election in December 19 they are encouraging them to vote and the left is running a strong campaign to win their votes. The candidate from the left is not offering anything that can not be done by the right wings


    This is a total distortion. It is the election between two tendencies within capitalism, either side is not a threat to capital


    A member of the Chilean Communist Party has been nominated to become the head of the Armed Forces, The granddaughter of Salvador Allende has been nominated the minister of defense


    The new president of Chile is taking possession tomorrow. Some sources are calling him the new Salvador Allende but I don’t think so

    Salvador Allende’s Grandson Responds to Boric: The Human Rights Double Standard and ‘Chic’ Leftism

    This is a letter from Salvador Allende grandson


    Article on Ukrainian Nazism

    Understanding Ukrainian Nazism


    The left in Chile made a big campaign against Fascism and that is the reason why they were able to obtain so many votes for Boric. Ironically the new president is going to be forced to make concessions and alliance with the right-winger which the left called Fascists or the”new Fascists”


    The Chilean police ( Carabineros ) started to repress the protester and the new government just took possession a few days ago, and the members of the coalition ( Communists and Socialist Party ) that promoted the candidacy of Boric are asking the government to initiate a police reform. Some members of the Communist Party are heads of the armed forces. I think the honeymoon is not to last for a long timeñol&utm_campaign=NewsletterEspañol&utm_content=7


    The popularity of president Boric in Chile has declined drastically in a few days. The problem with this so-called pseudo-socialist government is that when they fail the right-wingers blame everything on socialism. Boric is supported by a coalition of the Socialist Party and the Communist Party-aligned with the so-called trend of Renovated socialists ( communists ) they are followers of what was called Eurocommunism which is another version of state capitalism, even more, Enver Hoxha wrote that Eurocommunism was anticommunism


    The new president is already making concessions to the so called Post fascists and right-wingers. The new boss is similar to the old boss


    Two months after been elected the Chilean president has already sent troops to the Mapuches region. Salvador Allende also sent troops against the mining workers


    The new president of Chile and his coalition of Communists and Socialists have already made a lot of concessions what they were calling fascists before the election. The ‘Apruebo” was completely defeated by the ‘Rechazo” by 62%, in reality the president is governing with a very small percentage of approval and they already sent the troops to the street to repress the students and workers, and the head of the police and the military is a leader of the Chilean Communist Party and the granddaughter of Salvador Allende

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