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    Chile’s right rejoices after pro-Pinochet candidate wins presidential first round
    José Antonio Kast will face progressive former student leader Gabriel Boric in runoff election next month


    Abstention is a persistent feature of Chilean elections – where rarely more than half of the electorate turns out. Despite the seemingly high stakes of yesterday’s election, participation hit just 47%.

    Any thoughts on that, MS?


    Workers do not trust in any of the political parties and candidates, in reality, there are not too many differences between both, and the offers made by the left can also be accomplished by the right. In Costa Rica, most of the time people have elected right-wingers and they have the same social services offered by any so-called left-wing government. Salvador Allende also had a low percentage of votes


    The majority of the peoples who do not want to vote are the young peoples and the natives, they do not think that their problems are going to resolved by any political party or leader, and the presidential candidate from the left is a young person. Since they need them to win the election in December 19 they are encouraging them to vote and the left is running a strong campaign to win their votes. The candidate from the left is not offering anything that can not be done by the right wings

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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