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    Looking around the country:


    The Liberals are standing, making it a three horse race, with Labour looking likely to win: will they look into all the deals they’ve claimed Houchen has made that are a bit dodgy? There are claims the Greens withdrew in some sort of pact, but they are unsubstantiated.

    North East Such a vast are it’s silly to call this a mayor, this is more like a provincial governor. Driscoll is the incumbent, who was deselected by the Starmerite purge, interesting to see if he can hold.

    Greater Manchester Burnham is likely to remain in post.

    York and North Yorkshire Brand new regional mayoralty, an interesting context between the citizens of York and the woolly backs: I think the Tories will take this one.

    South Yorkshire The SDP are standing here, interesting challenge, will this micro party manage a comeback (I should look at their finances).

    Finally, West Midlands Labour looking to take this mayoralty, if so it’d start to look like a very bad day for the Tories.


    Just as a note, with all four Ridings getting Mayors plus Teesside, that could be a useful bloc for Yorkshire to start making some noise on the national stage. That is an area with an equivalent population to Scotland: I’m sure there’ll be no playing areas off against each other…

    Let’s just say we have form:


    More on Jamie Driscoll here who has been described as the last Corbynista in high office (if being mayor of north of Tyne can be described as a “high” office).

    The left-of-Labour left are rooting for him as an anti-Starmer champion:

    About Jamie


    Jamie Driscoll should stand. And the left-led unions should back him.


    But he’s just a common or garden left reformist.

    Bijou Drains

    ALB – “if being mayor of north of Tyne can be described as a “high” office”

    North of the Tyne covers the whole of the city of Newcastle, the Borough of North Tyneside and all of the county of Northumberland a combined area of 2,022 square miles (nearly 4 times the size of that there London) and has a polulation of around 850,000 people. Of course all of the people there live in mud huts, own whippets, wear flat caps and smoke woodbines.


    I knew about whippets, flat caps and woodbines but not about mud huts. But it wasn’t the area but the office that I was querying was “high”. It applies equally to the Mayor of Bristol in the South where everybody owns their own house and two cars and has a Filipino maid.

    Is the elected mayor of some region an important person in the UK capitalist state or just an elected civil servant with some power of decision about how money from the central government can be spent?

    Bijou Drains

    Not sure, ALB think there were hints of Berniciphobia.

    Everyone else in the world seems to offence at the slightest possibility of a slight, I think the population of the ancient kingdom of Bernicia should join in the fun.


    Medmicheleras gewrites

    We habbaþ þine cwíþingas “Berniciphobias” aræddon.
    We habbaþ afundon þa ne bið naht ma to us to donne.


    Apparently there is a political party advocating independence for “Northumbria”:


    They say they stand for “socialism with a northern accent”. So if you say “Newcarsle” rather than “Newcassle” you can’t join but presumably are spared the fate on those in the bible who said “sibboleth” instead of “shibboleth”.


    I posted the following message somewhere else on the Party forum, so sorry for any duplication but –

    Why are we not standing in the Mayor elections? Here in Greater Manchester I’ve just received a booklet through the letter box, containing the manifesto of candidates.

    Apparently it costs £5000 to stand for mayor. So the cost isn’t an issue for us.

    The booklet contains information about what I believe is an intellectually challenged independent candidate, who says he’ll “Keep your Car”, on top of the usual party candidates.

    It made me think we could maybe have invested £5000 in sending the party case to everyone in Greater Manchester?

    If a right wing business man with £5000 and a car can do it, why can’t we?



    Actually it costs £10,000 to get into that booklet — £5000 (which you don’t get back unless you get 5% of the vote) plus another £5000 to get your address in the booklet. In addition you need to get 10 signatories from each of the ten districts which make up Greater Manchester (Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, etc), 100 in all. Doable but a lot of work.

    In London it’s £10,000 + £10,000 + 330 signatories. There, we are doing the next best thing (or even the better thing) — contesting the elections to the Greater London Assembly which is elected at the same time as the Mayor. That gets us into the booklet, even if only that we are standing without what we are standing for. There is a deposit of £1000 to stand in a constituency. We are contesting two, so that’s £2000. It costs us nothing extra to get a mention in the booklet.

    Here’s the London booklet. We’re on pages 37 and 39:


    Bijou Drains

    Howay then YMS, I’ve tried working it out, is that written in Anglo Saxon/Old English, perhaps from the “Venomous” Bede


    Old English, possibly wrong but:

    Medmicheleras gewrites [Moderator’s note]

    We habbaþ þine cwíþingas “Berniciphobias” aræddon.
    We habbaþ afundon þa ne bið naht ma to us to donne.
    [We have read your complaint of “Berniciaphobia”. We have found there is no further action].

    Bijou Drains

    Very impressive, I didn’t realise that Teesside still has an enclave of Old Endlish speakers

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