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    I found this document quite pertinent to socialists. I have started this new thread on Occupy since the older one seemed to be getting neglected and instead of being a critique of Occupy, it goes beyond it in the sense it is about what we should be discussing once again how to relate to our vision of free access socialism to other peoples desires.

    “The first Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia were invited to participate in a collective visioning process which sought to answer the following questions: “What is your vision for a democratic future? What does it look like? What does it include?” Over two hundred
    Occupiers from across the United States took part in the process in Philadelphia, and even more participated online. The following document is not a list of demands, or a political platform, or a manifesto. It is merely the first step toward developing a collective vision…it is important to remember that participants were asked about “vision,” not strategy or tactics. A vision points to the “what,” not the “how.” It is the destination, not the path. In this movement – like many others through history – we often declare: “another world is possible.” In the document below, we begin to provide our answers to the obvious follow-up question, “but what will this new world look like?” “


    Our Vision
    As determined by those who participated in the National Gathering Visioning Process July 4th,

        203 clean water, air, and food
        186 free education for all
        158 no war
        116 sustainable human society
        110 a culture of direct democracy
        108 free universal healthcare
        106 local food production, community gardens, & permaculture agriculture
        104 economic equality
        95   localized economies
        93   a world where basic needs are met
        92   military-industrial complex destroyed; military spending slashed
        85   economic system based not on profits, but mutual aid and meeting all human needs
        85   housing for all
        82   workplace democracy and worker-owned co-ops
        79   freedom to live anywhere: no borders, no nations
        77   a collective, horizontal, non-hierarchical society
        73   corporate power and influence rejected
        72   all cultures respected equally
        68   decentralized and de-corporatized media and information, with a free and unregulated internet
        67   people feel empowered, free, and unafraid
        66   restorative justice and rehabilitation, not incarceration
        61   no money in politics
        61   a strong sense of community
        61   no more prison-industrial complex
        60   safety for everyone from domestic violence and fear
        58   free common public spaces
        55   decentralization
        54   anti-capitalism
        53   all human life valued equally
        53   open source technology and skill sharing
        52   healthcare emphasizes preventative and alternative measures
        50   absolute transparency in government policy making

    The list continues at the link right down to the one person who wanted a universal robotic operating system.

    We can see many Occupy activists are still wedded to capitalist economics and propose various reforms to it. However there are many more who desire more fundamental changes that capitalism simply cannot offer.

    Surely, our task is to present our own solutions to those who want, for instance, “”a culture of direct democracy”.”work-place democracy”, “a collective horizontal non-hierarchical society ” with “no borders no nations” ,  economic system based not on profits, but mutual aid and meeting all human needs.

    I could go on demonstrating the over-lap of aspirations. Unlike Occupy, we can present a case for socialism, incorprating much of their hopes, but more importantly, suggesting the means and methods to achieve it that are flexible, non-sectarian and non-canonical (if thats a word) despite what others may allege, and present tactics that are inclusive of all. We should be declaring that the socialist movement is the genuine umbrella organisation for all one-issue campaigns to mobilise under.

    I will be honest and say that we did not do as much as we could have in communicating our ideas. With Zeitgeist, i know some joined internet lists to discuss internationally. I am not sure any did ith Occupy. Our efforts to convey our position was pretty parochial and limited. A leaflet, the Standard article, the mention on the blog just does not suffice. No matter the relevancy or import of what we had to say, we had no audience. The mountain simply doesn’t come to 52 Clapham. And while giving kudos to those who went to the camp, i think they would concede that they were fleeting visits without real lasting effect.

    (While not accepting Stuart W’s proposal that the party fund them with all our finances, Veronica’ cups could have been donated and that would have at least advertised ourselves and a slogan to the Occupiers every time they had a cup of tea)


    Some will now claim that its all over and done with. Occupy has come and gone. Perhaps so as an actual protest movement but i think the ideas linger on and will germinate and sprout elsewhere. We should be sowing our own revolutionary seeds right now, too.


    I know that in the past Paddy and others have suggested using the Standard to garner opinions on concepts of socialism. This survey has actually begun the process for us to look at and see where our propaganda should be focussed upon. There is a lot in common with out objective but equally plenty that either does not go far enough or worse lead down a cul de sac of disappointment and disillusionment but knowing that gives our writers and publication committee and magazine editors an advantage on what topics and what emphasis to lay on certain ideas.

    Once again carrying on from other posts i suggest a few new pamphlets. Is there going to be  production for use committeee report that the publications committee can re-draft into a pamphlet?

    DarrenP proposed pamphlet on the fallacious alternative economics of some in the Occupy movement is a very positive move. What about making it available through the party? Hopefully, Darren will let some party members proof-read it so any faux-pas will not be committed in the text. Even EARB can lay hold of the ownership if need be like John Bisset and NE branch did for a few pamphlets and Birmingham did for their satirical magazine.


    We possess bountiful amounts of literature to collate and re-edit and re-package specifically for the Occupy movement. One more step is necessary and that is identifying the mediums and pathways to use to get  our ideas read, viewed and debated. That should be the subject of a separate and specific post. We have plenty of armchair socialists available to be involved with the minimum of personal sacrifice in time and commitment who can participate if presented with a co-ordinated and channeled strategy of online propaganda and a guide and suggested targets.


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