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    Pedro Castillo, a leftist political novice who has promised to be a champion of his country’s poor, was sworn in on Wednesday and became Peru’s new president. He has never held political office ever before. Castillo until recently was a rural schoolteacher in the country’s third-poorest district. The son of illiterate peasants, he led a teachers’ strike in 2017.

    Castillo defeated his opponent, right-wing career politician Keiko Fujimori, by just 44,000 votes.

    In a ceremony, Castillo made a commitment “for God, for my family, for my peasant sisters and brothers, teachers, patrolmen, children, youth and women, and for a new Constitution.”

    “I want you to know that the pride and pain of deep Peru runs through my veins. That I, too, am the son of this country founded on the sweat of my ancestors, built on the lack of opportunity of my parents and that despite that, I also saw it resist,” Castillo said. “That my life was made in the cold of the early mornings in the field, and that it was also these hands from the countryside that carried and rocked my children when they were little. That the history of this long-silenced Peru is also my history.”

    Castillo’s initial proposal to nationalize the nation’s mining industry set off alarm bells among business leaders. While that stance has softened, he remains committed to rewriting the constitution that was approved under the regime of Fujimori’s father.

    Claudia Navas, an analyst with the global firm Control Risks commented, ” Castillo will maintain a more pragmatic position than he announced during the campaign.”

    Peru is the second-largest copper exporter in the world and mining accounts for almost 10% of its GDP and 60% of its exports.

    At a personal level, Castillo may well be a sincere individual with well-intentioned ideas. But sadly, he will go the way of many other genuine activists before him and compromise his principles.



    He won by a margin of a few votes, it is going to be a similar case like Salvador Allende. He is going to have a big opposition from the other sector of the Peruvian capitalist class and they will try to remove him as they did in Bolivia with Evo Morales.

    Pretty soon he is going to understand that what he promised can not be done under capitalism, this is an economic system that can not be reformed.

    The concept of a rich country is misleading, the only rich in every country is the capitalist class, and the poor in every country are the salaried wor, only a wageless society will eliminate the poor


    Most of his elected ministers are swearing in front of a Bible and a Cross and the right wingers and some leftists are saying that he is a socialist, and one of his minister is an ex-Maoist. He might be a social democrat but he is not a socialist and his program of government is based in social democrats measures which have been implemented by others capitalist governments and presidents including Lyn B Johnson in the USA. The program of infrastructure proposed by Joe Biden is covering more social and economic measures which are similar to the proposal made by Bernie Sanders


    I haven’t been following this closely but today’s i paper carries a report from Reuters news agency headed “Castillo appoints fellow Marxist PM” which says:

    “Peru’s new President, Pedro Castillo, has named Guido Bellido, a fellow member of his Marxist party, as prime minister. … As a candidate for a self-defined Marxist-Leninist party, Mr Castillo has already spooked investors.”

    Is this true? That he claims to be a Marxist and his party defines itself (oxymoronically) as “Marxist-Leninist”, I mean, not that he has spooked investors.


    Pedro Castillo is an ex-Maoist member of the Shinning Path, but he does not hold any Marxist stand, Castillo is not a Marxist either, and his party claim to be Marxist-Leninist-Mariateguist , but the party is not even a Leninist Party and most of its members claim that they are not communist, most of the peoples that voted for him are catholics. They claim that they are a local peasant socialist party, or an agrarian political party something similar to the Russian Populist. It is just another populist nationalists social democrat movement, the same one started by other Latin America nationalist like Cardenas, Peron, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. It has nothing to do with socialism or marxism


    The name of the party is Free Peru, The political movement in name sounds like Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse Tung thought



    President Castillo political party breaks with the president, they are saying that the president is moving toward the right



    As we have always said capitalism can not be reformed, and every reform create the next crisis. There is not president able to alter the economic base of a class society. President Castillo have been forced to please the right wings interests of the Peruvian ruling class and he was forced to send the troops to the street with the pretext to fight crime, but in reality is to suppress the revolts of the working class and the peoples working in the mines. From the so called left he is moving to the right



    President Pedro Castillo is facing a possible congress impeachment trial, It does resemble president Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. Castillo did not win with a large margin of voters and his popularity is declining despite being call a socialist by some left-wingers group

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