Nearly 6000 ‘died due to hospital wait’

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    Just seen this in the Daily Mirror newspaper.
    It quotes Sunday Times.*Looked for it online but can’t find it? I don’t buy the newspaper, I have an online subscription. Mirror online hasn’t the story either, so no link? *Maybe someone has a link?

    Researchers at the Emergency Medicine Journal identified
    one extra death for every 72 A&E patients who had to wait for between eight and 12 hours for a hospital bed.
    Using NHS average wait times that gives a figure of 5,800 deaths between November and February according to the Sunday Times report.

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    It looks like a reference to this article:

    “For every 82 admitted patients whose time to inpatient bed transfer is delayed beyond 6 to 8 hours from time of arrival at the ED, there is one extra death.”

    The figure of 5,800 seems to be a calculation made by the Sunday Times on the basis of this.


    The study is applicable to the Intensive Care Unit, it also appears in the American Journal of Medicine


    Thanks for your links.

    Found the story online from The Sunday Times.

    Steve Black, a data scientist who co-wrote the study, said: “The situation is likely to be much worse than when we did our study and the mortality implications of that are going to be very, very bad. “I think 1,400 deaths a month, almost 6,000 between November and February, would be a conservative estimate. It could easily be much worse. I don’t think apocalyptic is an exaggeration to describe how bad the situation is.”

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