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    Young Master Smeet

    UK has killed more children in Afghanistan than it has previously admitted

    “Previous Freedom of Information requests show UK payments for deaths in Afghanistan have varied widely. In some cases, individuals received more for the loss of property or livestock than family members.”

    Of course, it’s not a coincidence that UK gov has passed a law to indemnify armed forces for their actions overseas. And, tellingly, the above news item doesn’t mention the Brereton Report which found deliberate slaying by Australian forces (no such report has been conducted here).

    This is an example of the brave free press, they have reported on the matter, Labour will be quiet, it will slip off the agenda and down into the memory hole where only obsessives will remember it: but if ever brought up, they can point to the fact that it was covered by the BBC for five minutes.

    £6K for 4 children killed. Maybe we should have a national day to celebrate such generosity.

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