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    J Surman

    I haven’t yet had a detailed look at the list, just a brief perusal. Orders I’ve had previously arrived special free airmail, even ‘on sale’ books.


    “If there’s one comforting thing about being a radical today it is that largely, Marx is still right. Today’s writers and activists are enriching their work through the framework first laid down in Marx’s 1867 magnum opus Das Kapital.

    We’ve selected a list of books from across the years that show how varied and exciting applications of Marx can be, and how his ideas have changed the course of history.”


    All books are 40% off until 31st October, while stock lasts. Where available, a free ebook will be provided with the printed edition.


    They sent that to Head Office too. Transgender Marxism, Gay Marxism, what next? Vegan Marxism? Apart from 3 or 4 titles, it seems they are trying to get rid of unsaleable surplus stock.

    Bijou Drains

    That’s interesting ALB. I’ve just completed a few manuscripts for publication:
    “Gluten Free Marxism”,
    “The Karl Marx 7 Day Diet”
    “Karl Marx the Rock and Roll Days”
    “Fredrich Engels Ate my Hamster”
    looks like I could be on to a nice little earner


    Most books store are going into bankruptcy. The old days of the Progress Publisher are gone with the wind. I went inside a Spanish bookstore and they were selling more religious candles than books. New York City and San Franciso used to be the Mecca of the bookstores and there were Marxists books all over the city and most of them have vanished, and using some publishers the transportation cost more than the book itself, we have been forced to buy from Amazon.

    Ironically, the USA forced some governments to avoid the sale and reading of Marxist books but they were easy to be purchased in the USA market and they were acquired for a very cheap price. The whole collection of Marx and Engels was $50.00 dollars

    I remember the old days when I used to sit down on the floor or a chair inside of a bookstore to read books and there were hundreds of libraries, they also have been closed. Since I had the opportunity I purchased hundred of Marxist books and I have a big collection in my own personal library and I have given away many duplicates that I had to ML organizations

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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